Men’s Edition: The Six Essential ‘Work from Home’ Garments

Has the novelty of working from home worn off yet or are you still loving your upgraded home office nine-to-five? The new perks of your current job are definitely the 15 second commute from the bedroom to the lounge, much longer lie-ins and easy access to the fridge whenever you please. However, what happens if you’re new to remote working?

Although we may all know what to wear at the office, when it comes down to the appropriate attire for the daily grind in your own home, you are now your own master. Do you go from one formal extreme to the other end of the scale by trading up your go to white shirt and tie for rolling out of bed and staying in the clothes you slept in? Although this may be SO tempting to spend your future lockdown days in pajamas it’s really not good for your mental health and overall well being. 

Why, you ask? Your dog might be the only one to judge you but do it for yourself. 

Getting changed into appropriate working from home clothing will make you feel a whole lot better when you make the effort to actually have a shower and get ready for the day. Plus it will help you transition from home to work mode. Some research has even shown that getting yourself suited and booted not only affects how others see you but how you see yourself. Giving you the confidence, empowerment and focus to handle any business task thrown your way. So do not give into the pajama temptation as ensuring you have the right work from home clothes will actually make all the difference.

We are not saying to sit on your sofa dressed in a three piece suit, completely uncomfortable and feeling ridiculous. BUT, putting a bit of thought and effort into your working from home clothing while staying comfortable will pay off. You never know when you might get an unexpected video call from your boss or be sent an email request for a group skype meeting. Noone wants to be caught in pajamas with breakfast down them if they suddenly get a video call out of the blue. 

In the meantime, we’ve narrowed down our six essential basics you should be wearing while working from home during this lockdown. Comfort is always key so  you do not have to get dressed up to dress well. The motto is: combine comfy everyday loungewear with polo shirts and smarter looking pieces for that lying in bed to laptop ready look. 

What to Wear While Working from Home:

  1. Polo shirt
  2. Simple black joggers
  3. An everyday white t-shirt
  4. Combat Trouser
  5. Matching loungewear co-ords

1: The Polo Shirt

The perfect working from home alternative to your usual structured and sometimes restricting shirt. A designer polo shirt is a work from home wardrobe essential as it’s just as comfortable as a t-shirt but looks much more put together for those work conference calls. DesignerPolos can easily be dressed up with a blazer over the top. At the same time you can wear your favorite pair of joggers on the bottom half and no one would know! A well made polo shirt is a timeless investment which will take you from working at home to back in the office when this uncertain period is over. 

Our WFH favorites:

Polo Ralph Lauren shirt
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White/Black Tipped Logo LS Polo Shirt
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Black zip knit polo shirt
Black Zip Knit Polo Shirt
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2: The Simple Black Jogger

This brings us onto your next working from home clothing essential. Why put yourself through discomfort sitting at your desk or on the sofa in a pair of jeans or trousers with a fitted waistband? There’s no need when working from home to do this as the chances of someone seeing your bottom half on a skype call is slim. However, if you think this might be a possibility, get yourself a pair of luxury simple black joggers. Your work colleagues will never know as they could easily look like chinos or smart black trousers through a camera. No one will suspect otherwise.  

Our WFH favorites:

Vivienne Westwood black classic logo joggers
Black Classic Logo Joggers
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moncler embossed logo polyester jogging bottoms
Embossed Logo Polyester Jogging Bottoms
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true religion black reflective logo jogging bottoms
Black Reflective Logo Jogging Bottoms
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3: The Everyday White T-Shirt 

The clothing item which everyone has in their wardrobe – the basic white tee. The most versatile piece there is. You may associate your designer t-shirt as super casual and not work appropriate but seen as this is your wardrobe but working from home edition the rules are more lenient. Choose a good quality, well made tee which has a more tailored fit. Black t-shirts would also be appropriate as they look clean and sharp. This is essential to ensure it doesn’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed in it. 

Our WFH favorites:

balmain white embossed sleeve t-shirt
White Embossed Sleeve T-Shirt
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White Striped Trim T-Shirt
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4: The Combat Trouser

Combat Trousers are not your standard office attire but do not completely erase them from your working from home wardrobe. We do not mean a light coloured or khaki pair of combat trousers as that looks way too casual and informal. Perhaps edging on a fishing weekend vibe. However, darker colours look much smarter and formal. Paired with that crisp white t-shirt strikes the ideal smart-casual balance. And just like that you’re conference call ready. 

Our WFH favorites:

Black Parachute Cargo Pants
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Black Combat Trousers
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5: The Loungewear Co-ord

A loungewear co-ord or tracksuit set does not initially spring to mind when associated with a working environment but pulled off in the appropriate way actually works. If you’re thinking of a heavily branded fashion tracksuit or one you’d wear round the house only, your mind is in the wrong place. We are referring to a smart more tailored fit. A coordinating track combo paired with a designer polo or tee can be the perfect casual but business mix.

Our WFH favorites:

Navy Logo Zip Hoodie
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Navy Logo Jogging Bottoms
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6: A Knitted Jumper

Instead of a sweatshirt or hoodie a much needed knitted jumper, when working from home, is going to be your new go-to. A well made designer knitted jumper looks a lot more put together and professional in comparison to a jersey sweat. Think small logos, timeless prints and expensive details such as three quarter zips or high necks. If you’re signing into any video meeting you’ll look put together and meaning business. Well, from the waist upwards. 

Our WFH favorites:

All Over Logo Sweater
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CR76KCB46V 001
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Panelled Wool Knitted Jumper
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Blue Half-Zip Jumper
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In a nutshell, in order to master your new designer work from home wardrobe you need the perfect mix of corporate yet comfortable clothing. Check out our designer branded pieces which have a more tailored and structured silhouette but have been made with jersey or more lounge-worthy materials. Now you’re ready to reply to those emails and tackle those spreadsheets in true working from home attire. 


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