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(Power | TV Channel: Starz or Netflix | Running Time: 1 Hour)

Power, the American crime drama launched onto our screens early 2014 on Starz network. The story-line is based in and around a duo from New York who go by the names of James “Ghost” St.Patrick and Tommy Egan his right hand man who is also his childhood best friend. They first started out as local drug dealers then moving onto running the east coasts drug game as well as owning Laundry Mats and also Ghosts beloved “Truth Nightclub“. You see the pair trying to balance the legal business owner life with their criminal underworld activities which is making them all their money, while having to deal with real life problems with family, friends and business. The programme which was created by Courtney Kemp Agboh & then produced by award winning Rapper/Actor/Businessman Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. It started with a POWERful first episode leading on to a further 7 for the first season. Power has now gone on to have more than 3 seasons with the past two airing over 10 episodes with many trials and tribulations.

That’s where we are going to leave it with Power as we don’t want to spoil the surprise of when you watch it for yourselves.. Now we are patiently awaiting Season 4 coming early 2017!

(Ex On The Beach | EOTB | TV Channel: MTV | Running Time: 1 Hour)

Ex On The Beach, is a British Reality Show which first burst onto our screens through MTV in early 2014. The concept is 8 single young men and women enjoy their summer on a holiday in paradise at the same time trying to find love. But what they don’t know is that their ex’s could arrive at their location at any time to stir the pot. Each ex comes on the show to seek revenge, rekindle their love or to become famous. The voice over who make the show what it is along with the crazy antics of the house mates is none other than Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell.

The programme has had an extensive run with over 5 seasons of love, hate, cheating, fighting and sleeping.. Series 1 & 2 showed the the cast living it up in a multi-million pound villa in the heart of Marbella, Spain. Then moving onto Cancun, Mexico for the third season in 2015, which quickly became one of the most explosive shows on TV at the time and still to this date. Series 4, sees them in Algarve, Portugal for a different environment which then lead to an All-Star Cast for Season 5 in Koh Samui, Thailand.. bringing back the baddest & biggest names to come out of the show since launching in 2014.

Like we said, we are leaving the in-depth detail to your own imagination so when you get the time to watch the full 5 seasons you will be picking your jaw up from the floor in shock and amazement. We are now waiting to hear what Season 6 has to offer for 2017, how will they go up a level from the past 5 seasons?

(The Only Way Is Essex | TOWIE | TV Channel: ITVBe | Running Time: 50-60 Minutes)

The Only Way Is Essex also known as TOWIE which is based in and around Essex, has to be UK’s biggest reality TV show and easily one of the most known worldwide which is due to it’s longevity lasting over 17 Series since 2010, that has to be a new record. The show has been dubbed the British answer to “The Hills” & “Jersey Shore“. Through the success and rise of the show it has smashed open doors in all aspects of the world through to businesses, fashion, money etc which is what lead them to win a BAFTA.

The show had surpassed everyone’s expectations of what they thought or perceived the show to be about by getting well over 1 million viewers per episode for 6 years straight. Also some special episodes such as Towie: Christmas which occur every year can reach over 2-3 million viewers, not bad for a show which no one thought would be a success. As well as all the success the show has had, it has also created mass Celebrities from the likes of Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross, Amy Childs, Sam Fairs, Mario Falcone just to name a few who are household names as well as all the current and previous cast.

To get a better insight into the show if you have never watched it, i recommned you investing your free time into watching TOWIE from season 1 all the way through until the present episodes which are still airing every Wednesday & Sunday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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