Top 7 Most Stylish Designer Wallets

There was a time when a man’s wallet would be his trouser pocket, despite its puzzling inconvenience and constantly spilling change everywhere and probably losing the equivalent of a week’s wages a year in the process. But times have changed, and while smartphones are vying to take over the world and mobile payments threatening to make wallets obsolete, we aren’t quite there yet, thankfully. When you work hard for your cash, don’t settle for carrying it around in any old cheap thing. We’ve compiled our top 7 of the most stylish, convenient, useful and downright beautiful designer wallets and cardholders out there at the moment so that you can be sure that when you flash the cash, your wallet will be the star of the show!

Hugo Wallet

HUGO – Black Concealed Logo Wallet

Kicking things off with this great everyday wallet brand new from Hugo Boss for 2019. Crafted from luxurious and durable black leather, this wallet features the brand’s new concealed red logo, providing a striking contrast against the dark background. With a number of useful compartments for cash and cards, this wallet will keep your valuables safe and sound as well as stylish. Grab it before it’s gone!

Get the Hugo Black Concealed Logo Wallet here for £99.00

Versace Wallet

VERSACE – Black Leather Bifold Wallet

Next time you have to buy a round, don’t grimace, get this bad boy out and revel in the jealousy and compliments that will inevitably flow your way! Versace, as always, provides luxurious, opulent and head-turning designs, and this black patterned shiny leather wallet is no different, complete with a raised gold Medusa head accent to the centre, framed by the brand’s famous Greca design. Overflowing with useful compartments to store all your valuables, this ostentatious piece is perfect for you if you love being the centre of attention!

Get the Versace Black Leather Bifold Wallet here for £305.00

Emporio Armani Wallet

EMPORIO ARMANI – Logo Badge Cardholder

If you don’t like the bulky feel of a wallet in your pocket, or you’re so 2019 that you’re totally cash-free, a cardholder might be more up your street. Fresh from Emporio Armani, this simple black leather card holder features six card compartments and the brand’s famous eagle logo to the centre. It fits snugly in your pocket so you can be sure that your precious plastic is kept safe all night long! 

Get the Emporio Armani Logo Badge Cardholder here for £65.00

Giuseppe Zanotti Wallet

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI – Croc Leather Logo Cardholder

High-quality Italian leather exquisitely crafted with a crocodile-skin style pattern. No, this isn’t a pair of shoes that costs thousands, it’s a chic cardholder from Italian fashion giant Giuseppe Zanotti! Perfect when you’re packing light, this four-compartment cardholder is the perfect addition to a night out, giving you enough space for ID and a few credit cards, what more do you need to have a blast? Shopaholics and raveaholics unite and grab this cardholder before it’s gone!

Get the Giuseppe Zanotti Croc Leather Logo Cardholder here for £135.00

Polo Ralph Lauren Wallet

POLO RALPH LAUREN – Black Logo Billfold Wallet

With space for up to 8 cards and multiple cash storage departments, this wallet could belong to Inspector gadget! Known for their mastery of classic styles and silhouettes, this simple black leather wallet is perfect for everyday use and features the brand’s iconic Polo Ralph Lauren to the front. The billfold style will keep all your valuables locked away safe and sound and the wallet fits snugly into most pockets for extra security. Make sure you add this one to your collection today!

Get the Polo Ralph Lauren Black Logo Billfold Wallet here for £75.00

Versace Wallet

VERSACE – Black/Red/Gold Medusa Cardholder

Why buy a plain cardholder when you can get one that looks like a piece of Greek fine art? Bold and beautiful, this card holder from Versace features bold swathes of red, gold and black together with their classic Medusa logo and Greca print. Perfect if you’re forever putting your money down and losing it, you’ll not struggle to pick this out from a sea of black wallets, will you? Another timeless design from a timeless designer, you know you need to get yourself one of these!

Get the Versace Black/Red/Gold Medusa Cardholder here for £170.00

Givenchy Wallet

GIVENCHY – Black/White Printed Billfold Wallet

With a striking monochrome design featuring the most recent incarnation of their logo, Givenchy has stunned us into silence with this unique and super stylish wallet. Ok, maybe not silence as we’re shouting about it now! Crafted from luxury leather with Givenchy branding in white throughout, this wallet features more than enough space to store all your valuables, so grab it while it’s hot!

Get the Givenchy Black/White Printed Billfold Wallet here for £320.00


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