The Style Behind The Smile | David Beckham Edition

.The Style Behind The Smile | David Beckham Edition.

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David Beckham is known around the world for his Fashion, Football and his Crazy Cuts.

We can all agree that whilst David’s hairstyle has changed, so has his dress sense. David however has never had a rest from the media on and off the pitch. starting his professional career in 1992, under Sir Alex Ferguson’s wing, Beckham has had a very humble and exciting career. Scoring 97 goals in 523 for club and smashing in 17 goals for England with 115 appearances shows no doubt how far and successful David has gone. Beckham has become something of a style icon, having appeared in fashion campaigns and even launching his own two lines of clothing.

There is no secret to David’s Dapperness. Since launching his David Beckham Body-wear range for H&M back in 2012 it’s established a crazy following. Customers can’t get enough of David’s relaxed sporty style and the collection has expanded into a comprehensive selection of sweatshirts, joggers, T-shirts and vests. David’s very own words were “If I wouldn’t wear it then it doesn’t go!”

Cornrows, a mohawk, a faux-hawk short and bleached hair are just a couple of many styles Beckham has had over his years. He never just stuck with the same haircut, just like his fashion, and I can feel a couple more controversial cuts and fashion styles are coming soon from Beck’s. That’s one way to rock the Beckham style and luckily for you, that’s affordable. Sorry I can’t help you marry a Spice Girl though! Another thing to understand about Beckham is that he is always prepared to go into battle. Like a Roman solider is always prepared to go into battle carrying a sword. Beckham’s Suit is his battle armour. You can never catch Beckham on an off day. Beckham can rock rainbow coloured jeans and still look good in them.

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.About DB.

David Robert Joseph Beckham (OBE) who is a now retired legendary professional football player who’s career has spanned over the past 20+ years while winning 19 major trophies in this team. He has captained and played for the biggest clubs in the world from the likes of Manchester United, Real MadridLA Galaxy, MilanParis Saint-Germain and of course representing his beloved England National Team. He has been in the Football Hall of Fame for the past 9, coming up to 10 years which has regarded him as a British Icon!

Mr Beckham has 4 children which are all growing up and quickly following in his & Victoria’s footsteps to do with Football, Fashion and the Music industry. Starting from the oldest Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and daughter Harper. David who is just as famous for his relationship with Victoria as he is with Football, in 1997 they first started dating after she attended a Man United match. She was then known as “Posh Spice” being a main part of the biggest girl band to come out of England called Spice Girls. The couple have since been dubbed “Posh & Becks” and this has stuck ever since as the posh Essex girl, started dating the rough and ready East London born footballer.

.Becoming a Fashion Icon.

David Beckham has been setting trends within Football since his professional career kicked off with his lavish haircuts as we all have seen. Also with his Football Boots, who made the classic Adidas Predators famous with his kids names stitched on the sides. As his star grew, he became a famous icon working with massive brands such as Adidas early on, with getting his own collaboration of Stan Smiths, Adidas/Diesel David Beckham Jeans and the list goes on with Adidas themselves.

Since retiring as a Footballer, he has ventured into many other aspects of Fashion & Lifestyle brands such as H&M Collaborations with Kevin Hart, Kent & Curwen, Fragrances, Belstaff Collaborations, Breitling Watches Collaborations & even an alcohol brand Haig Club (Single Grain Scottish Whiskey) plus many more.

H&M approached David Beckham & Kevin Hart in 2014 for a huge collaboration making high-end designs at high street prices through H&M. Since they have started they have made many collections together with iconic promotion and adverts. We will put these below so you can have a quick watch of the hilarious promotion they have used with the biggest comedian in the world and probably one of the most famous footballers to date.

As well as working with H&M, David has been a huge part of Belstaff which is one the of the most luxurious leather jacket companies in the world. They make a wide variety of smart jackets all the way to functional biker jackets that can be used for fashion as well as actually riding a motorbike. They have worked on a capsule together under the name of  OUTLAWS which is a surreal film within a film starring David Beckham as the strangers – a mysterious drifter and motorcycle stuntman, haunted by memories of a beautiful trapeze artist and hunted by a maniacal director seeking revenge. (The jacket Beckham wears called “Outlaw” is available on our website | discover the collection now)

David’s latest and most closest to his heart is a British brand called Kent & Curwen which he has taken on to reinvent the classic British Heritage of the brand. He has also backed this brand with his own money which means he is deeply invested in this more than just by figures and with all his passion and creativity. The brand which was first founded in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen when they crossed paths in the world famous fashion hub that is Savile Row where Kent & Curwen was established. They had early success with The Hollywood Cricket Club then leading onto forties Hollywood Stars and then moving on through the years to the sixties with British Icons like Paul Weller & Michael Caine all sporting Kent & Curwen in their wardrobes.

After all of the above there is still an exstensive list of ventures that David has taken part in and used to star to help neture and grow them to different heights. Just to name a few he has worked with Breitling Watches, a men’s range of moisturiser with Biotherm Aquapower, he has also got his own range of liquor which is Haig Club a Scottish Whiskey and the list goes on!


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