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Behind The Brand | Haculla

.Behind The Brand | Haculla. Instagram: @hacullaofficial | Instagram: @harifguzman | Owner & Designer: Jon Koon & Harif Guzman .The Brand. Haculla, a designer streetwear collection, is designed by Tykoon Brand Holding’s owner and creative director Jon Koon, and inspired by the iconic Harif Guzman’s 15 years of provocative street art. Guzman began tagging the streets of New York in the early-2000’s and became recognized for his work soon there after, gaining a celebrity following. They have since watched him transition from a street artist to contemporary painter. His street... Read More


Music Mogul | Jay-Z

.Music Mogul | Jay-Z. Roc Nation: rocnation.com | YouTube: jayz | Twitter: s_c_   .Dress Like Sean Carter aka Jay Z.   Black Patch Work Bomber Jacket – Buy Now | Black Zipper Bomber Jacket – Buy Now .Brooklyn to the World. Shawn Corey Carter or better known as Jay-Z was born on December the 4th 1969 in Brooklyn, New York, he has had a huge impact on the music industry throughout his 31 years being in the public eye. From a young age he would spend time producing beats by... Read More


How To Create A Staple Style | Victor Cruz Edition

.How To Create A Staple Style. (Victor Michael Cruz | No. 80 Chicago Bears | Victor Cruz Foundation) Victor Cruz is one of the most stylish athletes in the world at this moment in time. This is according to such places as Sport Illustrated giving him that exact title earlier this year. Then high fashion brand Givenchy naming him the face of their fall campaign for 2015. By flicking through Cruz’s Instagram (@teamvic) we can see he knows how to dress from casual day to day training, all the way through to evening events wear he puts... Read More


The Aftermath | Badou Jack VS James DeGale

  James “Chunky” DeGale Vs Badou “The Ripper” Jack | Saturday 14th January 2017 | Unification Fight Ended In A Majority-decision DRAW Instagram: James Degale (jamesdegale1) | Instagram: Badou Jack (badoujack) Boxing fans across the world were locked in on early hours of Sunday morning to watch the IBF Super Middleweight Champion (DeGale) go head-to-head with WBC Super Middleweight Champion (Jack) in order to find out who is really #1 and unify the division with both titles. Kick starting 2017 with a hell of a show with an amazing under... Read More