Wardrobe Essentials for Men in Their 20s

This is the decade you may be looking to actively shed the look you had in your younger years, transform your style and find your footing in men’s fashion trends. Men in their 20’s may share the basics of a contemporary wardrobe, but there are some things that you should consider as absolute menswear essentials. Here at Brother2Brother, we’ve put together a simple menswear guide.   A Leather Jacket We may be approaching the winter months so we’re considering AW trends, but a brilliantly made designer coat is a must-have... Read More

Brother2Brother’s Top Seasonal Picks

Looking for that elusive new style, or just some items to mix things up a bit in your wardrobe? At Brother2Brother we’re here to help! In our latest blog post we’re taking a look at some of our favourite items to hot our online store in the last few months. So if you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, the latest trends in footwear, or a fresh style of t-shirt we’ve got the perfect threads for you! Jeans An essential for every wardrobe, a decent pair of jeans will... Read More

Nudie Jeans – The Naked Truth Behind The Denim

The Naked Truth Behind The Denim Nudie Jeans is a Swedish clothing brand founded/originated in Gothenburg, which is the Second largest City in Sweden. The brand was founded in 1999 by Maria Erixsson who is a former employee and Assistant Designer of Lee Jeans Europe and Swedish designer JC. There are 3 stages which the jeans go through that we will explain in further detail below as they follow are Number 1. The Break-In. Number 2. Repair. Number 3. Reuse/Recycle. – Organic Cotton by Nudie Jeans Co – – From Cotton to Jeans – Nudie... Read More