Is your diet summer ready?

The ‘Beast from the East’ has departed and the sunshine has returned…..it must be nearly summer, right? It’s at this time of year our attention turns to holidays and trips to the beach, prompting the question…  “Is my diet summer ready?” Don’t fret! In this article we’ll be exploring one of the most popular diets, which has become phenomenon!  We’ll also give you a bite sized round up of some of the best diet documentaries recently broadcast, including those from the world renowned Dr. Michael Mosley! Dr. Michael Mosley Facebook:... Read More


Feeling Hungry? | You vs Food!

FEELING HUNGRY? |  YOU VS FOOD!  There are so many challenges around the world which involves how much you can eat or how quickly you can drink a certain beverage. Thousands have taken on these challenges but with only a handful succeeding. Adam Richman is famous for taking on ridiculously sized meals which you may have seen documented on his television programme ‘ Man VS Food’ which ran from 2008-2012. If you think you can handle a challenge like this, then give it a go. There are a few which... Read More


Create a Designer Wardrobe For The Gym | Activewear Studio

In this blog, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to dress for the gym from our Activewear Studio. Over the years of going to the gym we have seen many NO GOES with the outfits that step inside the den. You have to dress for the practicability of your Workout but also being aware of your surroundings as it’s not only Men that go to the gym. The secret to getting a good workout, all starts with looking good within your Gym Outfit which will... Read More


Planning This Years BBQ

.Planning This Years BBQ. Everyone is at that stage where the ‘summer body’ that we all really want, is either going to be ready or not. With it turning the month of may in a few days, it’s crunch time! Speaking of crunch, you’re allowed a cheat day right? and what perfect food to have this summer but a BBQ!! Forgot about the six packs and enjoy a day of well deserved greasy food. We all know it’s the men who have to be in control of the beloved BBQ,... Read More



.PRE SUMMER DIET – HOW TO GET IN SHAPE BEFORE YOUR HOLIDAY. If you’re jetting out to somewhere hot this summer, but think you’re running out of time to get the perfect beach body, don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered! 2/3rds of 18-30 year olds try to lose those extra pounds before setting off into the sun, and it could take you a lot less time than you think.. Not everybody has the time or willpower for 8 week, even 4 week diet plans, but we have the diet plan... Read More


The Sunday Sundown: Is SUNDAY The Best Day Of The Week?

SUNDAY.. could this possibly be the best day of the week? Here at Brother2Brother have just a few reasons to back this statement up! Follow us through the blog for an insight into why we think Sunday FUNday is why we look forward to the weekend. We will run you through photographs, activities, lists & ideas to help you boost your day with family and friends. Also for those who work weekends that maybe reading this, we have a couple of reasons that Sunday can also be your best day at... Read More


GYMspiration – Health is Wealth

It all starts with your mental ability to convince yourself you are ready for the commitment to achieving a healthy life. Once you have this mindset you are now ready to start working on a healthy body, which is just about getting you in shape as it is important to get physically fit. After you have the previous two down packed your life will become a happier place without even realising. This blog is going to be based on our GYMspirations from the UK. Introducing Brother2Brother’s – GYMspirations: @TeamSwench | @Scott_Swench & @_shii... Read More


Healthy Lifestyle with Joe Wicks (@TheBodyCoach)

Joe Wicks – (Instagram: @TheBodyCoach) | (Twitter: @TheBodyCoach) | (Website: www.thebodycoach.co.uk) Joe Wicks also known as (TheBodyCoach) is a man on a mission omitting his life to fitness and health. His goal is to get people off of their diets as they are no good for the body or the mind. He has created the 90 Day SS Plan which will help to educate people with the knowledge they need to get that Lean Body, Healthy Lifestyle they desire. The plan has already set a massive bar with the amount of... Read More