Summer.. Summer.. Summer Time☀

“Break to your crib change your clothes once more, cause you’re invited to a BBQ starting at 4..”

 Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Summertime

This blog is a short insight in what to Wear during Summer, what Music to listen to on these Sunny days or what Foods to eat when your on the go out in the Sun. Whether you’re going to the Local Sea Side in your area or going abroad to an exotic country these tips will be handy in either situation.

What To Wear?

The perfect items to wear for summer start with the essentials such as Short Slim Fit Chinos, Loose/Fitted T-Shirts/Short Sleeve Shirts/Flip-Flops or Loafers plus much more which you will see during this blog. This blog below is a casual during the day outfit starting from the top down we have Farah Brewer Short Sleeve Shirts with Vilebrequin Swim Shorts in a few styles finishing off with Y-3 Flip Flops & Y-3 Slip Ons also a pair of Armani Flip Flops.

3 Summer Outfits

“My face above the water, my feet can’t touch the ground, touch the ground.. & it feels like i can see the sands on the horizon”

 Mr Probz – Waves

Outfit Option Number 2: 

Option number two is more on the Casual side but more higher-end of the Designers such as the Versace Collection T-Shirts in all three colours matched with Checked Lyle & Scott Swim Shorts and 2 pairs of Emporio Armani Swims.

 3 Outfits

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