The Best Guide to Sliders: Where Are Your Pair?

Finally, the time has come to ditch those dreary winter blues

– let the sun back in your life with summer. But it’s more than just the sun that’s getting us excited – after all this time we can finally strut our stuff again, the way we were always meant to – how can you flex when you’re locked indoors. So, we’ve given it some thought, trying to find that perfect garment that really makes you feel the sun back in your life – and we think we’ve got it. 

It’s got that indoor and outdoor appeal. They’re sturdy, without being a bother. They’re elegant without having to be kept under glass. They’re forever fresh, and we think this summer season, you need them in your life.

That’s right, we’re talking Sliders.


When you open the door to a new pair of sliders, or even better, if this is your first season with a pair, there really is no going back. There are people ready and willing to bow down to Birkenstocks, simply because they are that good – just look and you can tell.

Since 1774, Birkenstock has always made steps towards crafting the perfect footwear, and these wool Zurmatt Sliders, in either black or eggnog, come dangerously close. A pair of Stocks have always caught the attention of fashionable footwear aficionados – especially those brave few who wear them beyond the home.

Simply put, they are elegant – moving up the Birkenstock ladder, you’re met with an icon. The Boston Slipper. So many brands bite the bullet and accept that sometimes comfort is a sacrifice you have to make for fashion. Birkenstock mustn’t have got the memo. A perfect addition to anyone with an eye for the simplistic yet sophisticated – gets on the Birkenstock bandwagon.


There are two types of people in this world: those who want to be seen, and those who know they don’t need the satisfaction. Balenciaga has both sides covered. 

There’s something about men’s Balenciaga sliders that seems to fascinate the fashion world – we think it’s their ability to weave simplicity into the increasingly bright and loud world of modern fashion – they are the star that never fades, a permanent fixture that guides the fashion world through an ever raucous sea of seasonal trends and styles. 

They keep it simple – and when you combine that elegance with what may be the most distilled idea of a shoe, you get something great. In Balenciaga’s case, they get it twice.

Made in Italy, these black calf leather holy slippers are suitable for nearly any occasion – if not every. When a piece of clothing is almost asking you to dress around it – you know you’ve found something special. 

As summer rolls around, and we’re free to dress down, to relax again, let a pair of sliders like this lead your way, you can only end up where you need to be. Crafted with 100% calf leather, these sliders would also be more than appropriate in any formal gathering, especially those fashion-wise.

The same can be said for their signature Balenciaga pool slides – perfect for any trip abroad, these are the preferred attire of any globetrotter with style. 

Again, Balenciaga injects elegance into what is already an elegant design – their three-dimensional branding, red on black, guides any intrigued eyes across the classic silhouette of the slider, moulded in a way that celebrates spring and summer’s favourite footwear.

If Birkenstock covers comfort of wearing, Balenciaga covers comfort in living.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has always been able to fuse designs that are fundamentally masterful, and a branding sensibility that allows for the trademark effect of having a piece of clothing stay in your memory.

Men’s Alexander McQueen sliders take a leaf from Balenciaga’s book, by honouring the refined design of the sandal. To their credit, McQueen’s approach is even sleeker, with a lower riding top side, and simplistic moulding on the sole.

The branding itself is even subversive, in classic McQueen style – a bespoke three-dimensional ‘Alexander McQueen’ in white recognises the shoe’s elegance, while their bold, brash and iconic graffiti logo defaces and challenges the standards of what footwear can be.

Perhaps branding yourself more than twice is too much – but we think you can’t have enough of a good thing.

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