Discover the latest concept by Moncler with their curators profiles from some of the world’s most dynamic personalities in sport, fashion, business and entertainment. The Italian fashion house invites them to curate their own Moncler edit, which gets showcased through their website. They have kicked off the curators series with the one and only, Nigel Sylvester. A Queens, New York resident, BMX royalty and Jordan brand’s first BMX athlete. Sylvester is used to being the first to break through doors and he continues to do so, especially with his most recent unforeseen collaboration with Moncler. Nigel has broke the mould for what cycling and BMXing is seen to be, and he has forged his own path with the infamous GO series, which is a self produced series of videos travelling around the world doing what he does best.

“I enjoy exploring new spots.”

Reading through the the curators profile, we can get an insight in to what Moncler pieces nigel wears while riding. He chooses the Mornans down vest, jersey leggings under a pair of shorts – all with a tie-dye pattern in shades of purple: an outfit that combines modernity and performance in a perfect compromise.

“When i ride.. I take flight.”

Take a listen to what Nigel listens to while riding through and exploring a new city. Discover your surroundings with a full playlist of songs to use as a theme tune for your life.

A recent quote from the curators profile stating “Fashion and style play an important role in Nigel’s everyday life, and act as a kind of uniform for his sport: «Clothing is a means of expression, to communicate a story and a feeling,» he says. In the afternoon, looking for comfort on longer runs, he chooses the Barcena short down jacket, the Amak down vest, and a zip-up hoodie and matching shorts.” 

“I have built my career by committing, working hard, and sacrificing for what I believe in. Falls and failures are part of this process, the goal is to keep winning.”

GO! YouTube Series

Written & Edited By Dalton Notley (Social & Content at Brother2Brother)

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