New In Store: Designer Printed T-Shirts By DOMREBEL

An exciting new designer brand is coming to the Brother2Brother repertoire this month! In this week’s blog, find out more about how the Canadian brand DOMREBEL grew from a project in a garage to a worldwide name in fashion, and check out some of DOMREBEL’s conversation-starting t-shirts, in-stock now!

DOMREBEL – About The Brand

DOMREBEL is short for dominus rebellis, which is Latin for ‘master of rebellion’. It is a self-made brand, and its founders rightly take pride in its history. Founded in 2003, the brand was started by university students Justin Svatina and Don Nguyen. At the time, they had no knowledge of designing clothes or the fashion industry, and only had $350 between them.

They started out by making a handful of t-shirts in their garage for themselves and their friends. They screen-printed them by hand, vintage washed them in their parents’ washing machines, ripped and distressed them one by one, splattered them with paint, and hand-studded them with crystals. They wanted to make unique items that would get people talking, and talk they did!

For the following two years, Svatina and Nguyen travelled across Canada, managing to get their t-shirts sold at 75 of the country’s top retailers. With the revenue from those sales, they took part in international trade fairs, so that in 2007 their brand was already being sold at 200 stores in 20 countries. DOMREBEL was also asked to make custom-designed outfits for big names including U2, Guns N Roses, Rihanna, Jamie Foxx, Cirque du Soleil, Tiesto, and Chris Brown.

cam'ron rapper wearing domrebel montreal ciao t-shirt feat nicki minaj
American rapper Cam’Ron wore DOMREBEL’s ‘Ciao’ t-shirt in his music video for ‘So Bad’, featuring Nicki Minaj. (Via SplashySplash)

Domrebel apparel is now sold at nearly 500 luxury stores in 35 countries. It remains self-financed and still belongs to its original founders. The fashion label continues to branch out into other niches within art, media and entertainment. Their ethos is all about bringing energy and good vibes into everyday life, and their designs are often described as rebelliously satirical.

Domrebel’s fashion line features mostly printed tees, as well as sweatshirts, jackets, and kidswear. Inspired by all your favourite childhood TV, their prints depict everything from gothic Care Bears to Alsatian Blues Brothers. Check out some of their thought-provoking printed tees!

DOMREBEL T-Shirts In-Stock Now

DOMREBEL Boltface Print T-Shirt (£99)

domrebel printed black tshirt teddy bear lightning bolt

DOMREBEL Mick Box T-Shirt (£99)

black printed and studded mickey mouse t-shirt domrebel

DOMREBEL Chuck Print T-Shirt (£99)

black print t-shirt chuck snoopy punk domrebel

DOMREBEL Player Bear Print T-Shirt (£99)

black bear basketball print t-shirt domrebel

DOMREBEL Rebel Angel Print T-Shirt (£99)

domrebel cupid angel printed black t-shirt

DOMREBEL Remix Box T-Shirt (£99)

george washington domrebel dj turntables t-shirt mens fashion

DOMREBEL Alien Box T-Shirt (£99)

domrebel punk alien print graffiti tshirt mens

DOMREBEL Beast Box T-Shirt (£99)

domrebel tshirt godzilla world tour

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