Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Autumn

As the sun starts to lose its sting and the breeze carries a hint of chill, the world of men’s fashion is gearing up for an exciting Autumn season. This is the time to embrace a fresh wave of style that perfectly suits the UK lifestyle. From the urban coolness of Moncler to the edgy sophistication of Alexander McQueen and the timeless classics of Ralph Lauren, this season promises a range of sartorial delights that will resonate with fashionable young men. We’re here to guide you through the men’s fashion trends that are set to dominate the scene this Autumn. Whether you’re eyeing a slick Moncler jacket to combat those cooler evenings or craving the comfort of a Ralph Lauren tracksuit for your weekend adventures, get ready to revamp your wardrobe with these essential pieces that will be making waves this Autumn.


When considering your winter wardrobe, one of the key elements, aside from your trusty underwear, is undoubtedly the humble dress shirt you choose to wear. This garment possesses the remarkable ability to anchor and subtly transform your entire outfit. During the colder months, your choice of shirt goes beyond aesthetics; it must shield you from the elements and provide lasting warmth throughout the day.

The quest for the perfect shirt may seem daunting at first. While thicker dress shirts excel on office days, materials like flannel offer invaluable benefits by cocooning you in warmth. Embrace a touch of artistic flair with vibrant shirts to keep both your style and temperature in check or consider a loose-fit short-sleeved shirt that can be buttoned halfway with a stylish designer t-shirt underneath.

Brands like Casablanca offer excellent options to ensure you stay warm and stylish simultaneously. Don’t underestimate Alexander McQueen shirts for men either; when layered with a sweater or worn beneath a trench coat, they can prove surprisingly snug. 

While the allure of a cosy men’s designer pullover all winter is undeniable, the right shirt possesses the transformative power to maintain your sharp appearance, even when braving the winter chill.

Puffer Jackets

When it comes to attire for the cooler weather, few garments rival the cosy comfort of a Moncler jacket. These lightweight, down-filled puffer jackets offer an ideal sanctuary from the cold, making them an essential addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

The enduring value of a puffer jacket is immeasurable, and thanks to brands like DSquared2, Alexander McQueen and Moncler, they are becoming ‘cool’ once more (although, we never considered them otherwise). While investing in a high-quality men’s puffer jacket might dent your finances momentarily, there’s no denying that you’ll reap years of warmth and style from this timeless piece.

Polo Shirts

Certain polo shirts manage to achieve a harmonious blend of avant-garde fashion and a thoughtful wardrobe choice. When seeking the ideal men’s polo shirt for the season ahead, you’ll discover a plethora of outstanding choices. Enhance your fashion options with a timeless Moncler polo shirt, expertly crafted from premium virgin wool, or embrace a touch of casual elegance by layering an Alexander McQueen polo shirt over a long-sleeve tee, a versatile option for your seasonal attire. For a classic and enduring look, explore Ralph Lauren polo shirts, a wardrobe staple renowned for its timeless appeal and top-notch quality.

Jackets & Gilets

Surviving the UK winter in style is a breeze when you’ve got a chic men’s Moncler jacket or a versatile Moncler gilet to complement your outfit. Our winter climate can reach bone-chilling levels, which makes the process of assembling the essential components of a stylish winter wardrobe even more important. While emulating Bruce Wayne’s impeccable trench coat style might be a lofty goal, the right winter coat can certainly get you pretty close. This carefully curated list includes both timeless pieces, all designed to elevate your winter attire a few notches higher. 


A winter wardrobe essential that you simply can’t overlook is a high-quality sweater, and both DSquared2 pullovers and Alexander McQueen sweaters fit the bill perfectly. If you’re after unbeatable warmth, consider options like those from Ami Paris’s stylish heart-adorned designs or Marni’s logo-embroidered option is a standout choice. These versatile pieces can be layered or paired with a casual ensemble featuring jeans and sneakers. When it comes to unique and stylish Sweatshirts, Dolce & Gabbana is a go-to, while lines like Moncler Sweatshirts for men offer alpine-ready quality.

Trousers & Cargos

You can nearly pull off wearing the same long trousers during winter as you do in any other season but the key to cool-weather trousers lies in the choice of fabric. Tailored, virgin wool trousers are an essential addition to your winter wardrobe, particularly for formal or business attire. For more relaxed winter outings, opt for trousers for men made from canvas or twill. Consider adding a touch of individuality with unique colours and designs, or stick with timeless classic straight-leg trousers. Check out our edit below for an awesome selection of men’s trousers and cargo’s for men that perfectly suit the season ahead.

As the leaves turn and the temperature drops, these Autumn fashion trends offer a perfect blend of style, comfort, and versatility. Whether you’re embracing the classic warmth of a men’s Moncler jacket or the edgy sophistication of Alexander McQueen polo shirts, these trends invite you to express your unique style while staying cosy and fashionable. So, step into Autumn with confidence and explore these fashion-forward choices that will undoubtedly be everywhere this season. It’s time to elevate your wardrobe and embrace the changing seasons with a fresh perspective on style.

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