Looking to buy your Dad a gift for Father’s Day?

On the 17th of June this year, here in the UK we celebrate Fathers Day. Like in many other countries it is a day to honor fathers and father figures, as well as grandfathers. This celebration was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America where March 19 is often still used for it, though many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date. This yearly tradition is usually held the third weekend in June, although it is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March, April and June.

On Father’s Day many people make the day special by treating their fathers with gifts and cards. Popular ideas include chocolate, various clothing and accessories, luxury food and drink and even personalised items. Here at Brother2Brother, we stock perfect gift ideas which will be perfect for dads this Father’s Day.



Wallets and Cardholders are essential to any man! Where else would you keep your cards, ID and money? There are many different styles and designs today within a huge amount of brands we sell here. Choose from something single coloured with a little detail or maybe choose a more stand out wallet. The majority of wallets and card holders we have are black or brown in colour, whilst brands like Vivienne Westwood provide you with a bold blue or red. All our wallets and card holders come in a branded box which makes it perfect for a gift and also easy to wrap.

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Underwear and socks are also a good little gift, and let’s face it men can never have enough underwear. Choose for brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood to purchase the ideal underwear gift set. When it comes to socks, you have the choice of a single pack or like Paul Smith, they offer a set of three which is presented in a smart branded box also.

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I personally think a watch is the perfect gift for a dad, we have many different colours, styles and looks within the brands we sell. Vivienne Westwood have the choice of both stainless steel straps and also leather, with both options perfect for completing a smart or casual outfit. The Versace Black/Gold dual time watch is the perfect combination of a smart yet casual looking watch, being black in colour with the brands famous gold colouring detailing makes for a stand out accessory. If you prefer a silver coloured watch, check out Hugo Boss’ designs, where you have the choice of a stainless steel watch with either a dark blue or black face. All watches come in their own branded box which is ideal.

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A pair of designer sunglasses is also a good gift for Fathers Day, we have a brilliant range of Ray-Ban sunglasses in various styles including aviator and wayfarer, and many frame choices within every other brand we stock. Take a look at our Versace and Armani glasses in a large range of colours. Sunglasses are a must have accessory for anyone and can be worn as an complete outfit accessory in any situation. They provide style and elegance without being too over the top and are a simple way to give your outfit a different look.

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Father & Son Day

Instagram: @fatherandsonday | Website: Father & Son Day

“Father & Son Day is all about inspiring men and dealing with male cancer”


What a perfect organisation to promote on a day like Father’s Day, we were inspired when we came across them via Instagram and thought we should include a section dedicated to them on our Father’s Day Blog. Below we will put abit about their Story and how they started and a little tell all about what Father & Son actually do.

(Imagery from Father & Son Instagram Account: @fatherandsonday | For Promotional Use Only)

Father and Son Day was set up in 2014 by Daniel Marks and Jack Dyson, two friends who have both survived testicular cancer, whose fathers have had cancer, who have dealt with hospitals, helplines and hospices, and who know first hand that too many men suffer in silence rather than call on support.

By sharing portraits of inspirational fathers and sons, and between men and their mentors, Father & Son Day honours the solidity of their unit, its strength, decency and trust – and uses their endorsement to create a dignified, honest space for vital dialogue, awareness and fund raising.

People can easily get involved by sharing their own #FatherAndSonDay portraits on Instagram, donating via text and nominating friends to do the same. The donation will pass directly to the specific Father and Son initiatives within The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

We are also engaging with partners in the fashion industry to sell blue shirts – the male wardrobe staple – in aid of Father and Son Day.

Father and Son Day isn’t tied to one specific date in the calendar. It goes deeper than that. Every day should be a #FatherAndSonDay.

(Above Text from Father & Son Day – Website: Click Here to Read More)


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