How To Dress Smart And Stylish For Work

If you’re #blessed enough to work in an office (note the heavy sarcasm), it’s likely you’ll be expected to abide by a dress code. Depending on the type of business you work for, what’s acceptable can vary dramatically. For trendy start-ups, you might be fine in anything that isn’t pyjamas, but the chances are you’ll be expected to dress formally, rendering all your normal clothes basically useless. If you’re about to take your first steps into the wonderful world of office jobs, or you’re a worker in need of a wardrobe refresh, as always we here at Brother2Brother have got your back. As a dedicated follower of fashion, you won’t be visiting any kind of discount clothing store to fill your work wardrobe. We know you want to see an expertly curated selection of the best luxury, high end, designer formalwear that’s perfect for making a fashionable splash in your office. If you’ve got ambitions to create a reputation for yourself as being unfailingly stylish and always impeccably dressed, take a look below to find the perfect outfit to achieve your dream!

HUGO – Black Tape Slim Shirt

This slim fit shirt from Hugo is perfect if you love to keep things stylish but understated. An all-over black colourway is punctuated only by delicate diagonal Hugo tape branding detailing in white which draws the eye and creates a pleasing contrast. With long sleeves, it’s great for the colder weather, and its simple design allows it to be easily paired with a variety of bottoms to create a number of separate chic looks. Grab it via the link below!

Get the Hugo Black Tape Slim Shirt here for £69.00

VERSACE – Black Medusa Leather Loafers

Loafers are a great, comfortable alternative to normal laced shoes, all the while remaining extremely smart and stylish. New from Versace for AW19, these loafers are constructed from premium leather and feature a raised golden medusa emblem to the upper, a striking design feature on an otherwise simple shoe. Like the Hugo shirt, the unfussy design makes these shoes extremely versatile, and their premium construction will ensure durability after many wears. Not only that, they’re Versace, meaning you’ll have everyone in the office green with envy. What more could you want?

Get the Versace Black Medusa Leather Loafers here for £550.00

NEIL BARRETT – Bolt Long Sleeve Shirt

Zap! Pow! Pop! No, you haven’t strayed into a comic book by accident, you’ve just been electrified by this striking lightning bolt shirt brand new from Neil Barrett! Constructed from soft cotton, this long sleeve shirt features an all-over white colourway with black lightning bolts running down the shoulders and arms, creating a dramatic contrasting design feature that makes this shirt an absolute must-have! If you love to electrify the office with your fashion prowess, get this shirt through the link below!

Get the Neil Barrett Bolt Long Sleeve Shirt here for £395.00

KENZO – Urban Slim Fit Shirt

Kenzo has named this shirt ‘urban,’ but we have to respectfully disagree. To us, it looks like stormy seas surrounding a vast array of islands, but that’s what makes this shirt such a winner, everyone sees it differently! With beautifully bold colours, long sleeves and cotton construction, this striking shirt will definitely turn heads and probably attract a din of adoring fans, so to make a bang in your next big meeting, grab this shirt via the link below!

Get the Kenzo Urban Slim Fit Shirt here for £180.00

GIVENCHY – Black Straight Leg Logo Trousers

It can be tempting to wear the same boring old black formal trousers every day to work. You’ll think ‘let’s be honest, nobody’s looking.’ Well, that’s because you’re wearing the same boring old black formal trousers every day! Change things up with these stunning black straight leg logo trousers from fashion powerhouse Givenchy. Constructed from part polyester, part wool, these trousers are sure to be the perfect winter warmers, as well as being exceedingly stylish. These are only available in-store, so check the link below to find out how you can get your hands on them!

Get the Givenchy Black Straight Leg Logo Trousers here for £425.00

KENZO – Slim Embroidered Shirt

Why buy a boring white shirt when you can buy a Kenzo white shirt that also has a mountain on it? This eye-catching formal shirt features an embroidered scene of a mountain top and an orange cloud against a crisp white backdrop. It’s a bold and unique design that’s ideal if you love to be as ostentatious as possible with your workwear! It’s 100% cotton so it’s breathable and comfortable for those long shifts, so to refresh your workwear and wow your colleagues grab it below!

Get the Kenzo Slim Embroidered Shirt here for £255.00

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