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The Private Selection Trio

The trifecta that has built one of the most talked-about YouTube channels surrounding everything to do with streetwear culture. They are deeply entrenched within the scene and widely known across the US as well as internationally. We have been in tune with their journey since we discovered them on one of our late-night scrolls on YT after watching back-to-back Complex episodes about a year ago and we haven’t stopped since, they were born to be in front of a camera. They are serious about the business, they have deep knowledge of sneakers and this can be tried and tested just by watching how they talk about each item in the videos. When you talk about doing what you love, these 3 are the prime example of reaping the rewards of enjoying your passion.

Full Fit (Larry)

Instagram: @fullfitlarry

Let’s kick this off with none other than full-fit Larry, a man after our own heart when it comes to wearing everything head to toe from one brand. All 3 of the team have their strengths and we believe from watching their channel, Larry is the most in tune and on the button with the niche brands from Human Made, Needles, Marni, etc. His ability to mix in upcoming streetwear brands like Pleasures & Aries to his repertoire of styles is where he shines bright. If the guys ever get a chance to hit the UK, you know we have him covered as our selection of Pleasures, Paccbet, Aries, Youths In Balaclavas, Honey Fucking Dijon is so vast, we will keep him satisfied.

“I’ll buy it..” – Larry

Beam Me Up (Scotty)

Instagram: @beammmeupscotty

Second up to bat is Scotty, the frontman of the trio whose personality shines through in his style and persona which are matched on screen. Even though all 3 guys are unique in their own right, Scotty is a guy that you rarely find when it comes to refreshing the taste within a salted-down industry, making the best out of a bad start, he has elevated to the next level in his own life. This is what we believe to be his strength which carries through to his knowledge surrounding streetwear. Before owning his store, Larry and himself were playing major roles in the back of starting their own sales agency while still working at a store of their friend.

“It ain’t easy being cheesey.. Chopped up, not slopped up” – Scotty

Master Chef (Ian)

Instagram: @masterchefian

Last but not least, the chef who is putting on for the big boys around the world within this streetwear culture. Ian is the poster boy for showcasing that you can still be stylish, swaggy, drippy and nothing less even when you are bigger built which gives others the confidence in doing so. You can regularly see him rocking the workwear tees from Carhartt, the mesh shorts from Gallery Dept, or, Eric Emanuel and finished with an outrageous collection of sneakers. As stated above, we watch closely and can see that each player has their role and we believe that Ian is the main man when it comes to networking. His network and connections, along with Larry & Scotty’s ability to reach out where needed and get what’s not normally available is his strength. This is where Private Selection rises above other retailers as they are able to break the internet before others due to these connections.

“Ayo joey, get me a margarita pizza, half a roni, bring some sam’s too..” – Ian

Please Come Home | PCH | Private Selection | PRVT

Instagram: @pchlosangeles

Playing for the home team! You know having their own store wasn’t enough, they had to create a streetwear brand incorporating each of their individual styles into full collections that feature mesh shorts, graphic tees, embroidered caps, and all things accessories. Being able to purchase the store’s merch, knowing that you get to support the brand even without being able to visit the store personally is a huge thing for us as fans and consumers of their content. On a side note, you have to be a real EARLY BIRD to be able to get your hands on the product as it sells out quicker than it’s uploaded and you miss out like we did, unfortunately.

YouTube: Private Selection

Watch Here

The YT is where we first found the guys and we are happy that they started because being openly honest, there are not many better channels than this and they’ve only been around for just over a year producing video content. We are super excited to see where they will be in a few years considering the level they are playing at in the beginning. Hitting over 120k subscribers, they give you a wide variety of content from hour/two-hour long city takeovers, sneaker shopping with some of your favourite artists, shorts, reviews, early-bird releases, challenges plus much more. We would love for Michael to take all of the footage that he has filmed over the past year and make a real-life movie or documentary about the PRVT team (just a little idea for you guys).

Address: Galleria Dallas, 13350 Dallas Pkwy Suite 3600B, Dallas, TX 75240, United States

Written & Edited by Dalton Notley (Social & Content at Brother2Brother)

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