Happy Birthday Billionaire Boys Club

When Pharrell Williams first joined forces with Japanese based fashion name, Nigo to launch Billionaire Boys Club in 2003, Tony Blair was still the PM, Roman Abramovich was about to buy Chelsea and England were on the road to Rugby World Cup glory.
Together they created a line consisting of polos, knitwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and accessories is created from quality materials and houses unique designs that have made it a popular brand. The main attraction is that they are produced in highly limited quantities making them highly exclusive fashion pieces that command relatively high prices.
Pharrell Williams and Nigo, creators of Billionaire Boys Club
In 2011, multi-platinum selling rapper and producer Jay-Z, who’s collaborated musically with Pharrell, announced a partnership with the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC). No stranger to fashion, Jay-Z has become well-known for being spotted in clothing from the BBC line and a partnership allowed pieces to be sold through his Rocawear label in the United States.
There is a mass of A-list celebrites, from Justin Timberlake to Justin Bieber, who are massive fans of the brand and are frequently seen in the exclusive clobber. It’s hard to believe that the premium streetwear brand has been around for 10 years.
It’s no mean feat keeping things fresh enough to impress and surprise fans, whilst bringing in new ones. But there is no sign of the clothing brand slowing down as BBC have decided to expand their success with the creation of new ventures, including the Billionaire Girls Club to sell exclusive quality fashion clothing and accessories to women.
Jay-Z, Beyonce and Pharrell Williams at Billionaire Boys Club Party   
And to celebrate Pharrell threw a birthday party, with guests including Jay-Z and his gorgeous wife Beyonce. We’re assuming our invitation was lost in the post…
If you’re looking for a great buy or present for guys of any age then you really have to check out what the collection from this fashion house has to offer since there really is something for everyone.
We’ve chosen our top picks from the Brother2Brother store to share with you today:
     Billionaire Boys Club Sweats     
Billionare Boys Club creates outstanding sweatshirts. Made from pure cotton it is soft and snug and will keep you warm and toasty on a wintery miserable day. The ribbed crew throat and hemmed cuffs will help maintain your body heat and keep you nice and warm.
Check out the Heather Navy Sweat or Grey Hoody both with the recognisable branding and astronaut.
        Billionaire Boys Club T-shirts        
The Billionaire Boys Club t-shirts are crafted as exquisitely as the sweats and are adorned with quirky prints, most common is the well-known astronaut figure, which is the brand’s logo. The prints are usually gold metallic to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Both are easily styled with a pair of jeans or sweatpants for a casual look.
Check out the Black Astronaut T-shirt and Navy Tractor T-shirt on our online store.
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