Get The Look: Monochrome

They say opposites attract and pairing black and white may be the most prevalent example of this. Black and white go together like peaches and cream, so it’s understandable why monochrome holds its spot as a fashion must-have season after season. The beauty of monochrome is that it can work no matter what the occasion – for formal events it brings a sense of suave sophistication. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual you can still retain your style credentials even if your look is toned down. To make all of this easier we have compiled 10 of our favourite monochrome pieces, from formal shirts and blazers to hoodies, trainers and accessories, to make it easier to get the monochrome look no matter what the occasion.


Kenzo – Black Tiger Logo Shirt


French brand Kenzo, founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, are well known for producing stylish, versatile men’s fashion, and this shirt is no exception. The shirt is black with white contrasting buttons, and for those that like a walk on the wild side the tiger logo sits on the left chest, also in black and white. Perfect paired with a blazer for work, this shirt can take you from day to night with a simple change of jacket and accessories. If you love a simplistic style that will keep you looking sharp, this shirt is for you.

Get the Kenzo Black Tiger Logo Shirt here for £125.00


Kappa – White/Black Pullover Hoodie




If you’re more of a sportswear fan who also likes to stay fashion forward, this hoodie from veteran sportswear giant Kappa could be more up your street. Emblazoned with the large Kappa logo on the chest, this hoodie also features detailed branding on the arms, a kangaroo style pouch pocket and white drawstrings. Budget-friendly and perfect for a cold winter, this hoodie would work great paired with jeans or tracksuit bottoms for a comfortable, casual look.

Get the Kappa White/Black Pullover Hoodie here for £65.00


Polo Ralph Lauren – Charcoal Blazer




Polo Ralph Lauren can always be relied on to deliver classic style with a contemporary twist. This formal blazer in charcoal – not quite black or white, but when a piece looks this good, we can bend the rules a tad – offers a modern slim fit and is sure to smarten up any outfit. Paired with a smart shirt this would look great at the office, but don’t be afraid to take it to the evening as it looks equally stylish paired with a t-shirt for a more casual look. If you like to work hard and play hard, consider adding this blazer to your collection.

Get the Polo Ralph Lauren Charcoal Blazer here for £122.00


Neil Barrett – White/Black Cross Print Polo Shirt




Neil Barrett is known for their use of bold patterns and prints. This polo shirt, featuring a white background with black crosses emblazoned on the chest, makes a bold statement. The contrast of the monochrome and the varying sizes of the crosses make this a captivating design. If you’re someone who loves it when people compliment their clothes, you might consider this a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

Get the Neil Barrett White/Black Cross Print Polo Shirt here for £284.00


Dsquared² – Black Ankle Boots



Dsquared² was launched in 1995 by Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten. Since then they have seen phenomenal success working with A-list celebrities such as Rihanna and Madonna. If you fancy yourself as a budding superstar and want to dress the part all the way down to your shoes, we may have the answer for you. The boots are made of black leather with a thick, durable rubber sole featuring a bold white stripe. Not to forget paying homage to their home country, the Canadian leaf can also be found featured on the heel tab with the Dsquared² logo. This monochrome masterpiece of a pair of boots is sure to make you stand out at the next party you’re at, be it A-list or… not!

Get the Dsquared² Black Ankle Boots here for £730.00


Versace – Black/White Checkerboard Knit Jumper



It’s December and it’s freezing, so it’s important to wrap up warm, but who says you don’t have to slay the game with your stylish look at the same time? Enter Versace. A bold and daring design, but we’d expect nothing less, this jumper is perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice warmth to fashion. The monochrome checkerboard design is punctuated with Medusa heads and is made of 80% cotton, 20% wool to keep you toasty. Whether you’re a fashion aficionado or just love Ancient Greece this one is not to be missed.

Get the Versace Black/White Checkerboard Knit Jumper here for £440.00


Givenchy – Black Logo Print Backpack




A good bag should be – what? Functional, sturdy and durable. But Givenchy has gone one step further in creating this simplistic monochrome backpack, adding a fashion flair to a staple accessory. The bag is black and features the Givenchy logo across the generous front pocket. The perfect complement to any monochrome outfit, this bag does have a hefty price tag, but if you’re in love with labels and looking for the perfect casual carryall that’s also fashion forward – this one is for you.

Get the Givenchy Black Logo Print Backpack here for £950.00


Ami Paris – Black/White Stripe Pocket T-Shirt




While it seems like winter is never ending, summer really is just around the corner. The months will fly by, so it’s worth being prepared now and looking for the perfect monochrome t-shirt to add to your wardrobe. Enter Ami Paris with this bold monochrome stripe t-shirt. If you’re a bad boy you may appreciate how this shirt channels the classic jailhouse look. If not, the timeless striped design keeps you looking sharp and current. Budget-friendly and made of breathable cotton, this would be the perfect early summer purchase, although we wouldn’t blame you for cracking this one out early and pairing it with a smart blazer for the office Christmas party. The versatility of this shirt makes it one not to miss out on.

Get the Ami Paris Black/White Stripe Pocket T-Shirt here for £50.00


Givenchy – Black/White George V Mid Sock Trainers


Sock Sneakers have been everywhere recently, from the runway right down to the high street. Fashion giant Givenchy couldn’t miss out, and the result is these distinctive trainers. Made out of luxury textile and rubber, these trainers are designed to replace your socks, giving a seamless and current look to your footwear. Deliberately designed so that they could be worn with a variety of outfits, these shoes pair fantastically with any casual look. If you’re keen to try out the latest craze, but don’t want to sacrifice your excellent style credentials while doing so, give these trainers a go.

Get the Givenchy Black/White George V Mid Sock Trainers here for £495.00


Versus x Zayn – Black Side Text Logo Track Top



In his first collaborative capsule collection for Versus Versace, Zayn Malik dispels any memories of him ever being in a cheesy teeny-bopper boy band. A far cry from matching, brightly coloured outfits, this track top features a monochrome design with white text emblazoned on the chest. There is an all over text print covering the arms and shoulders. Proving his style credentials, this piece marries functional sportswear with high fashion extremely successfully. If you like to work out in style, this piece is for you.

Get the Versus X Zayn Black Side Text Logo Track Top here for £242.00


Hopefully, this has tempted you to explore monochrome a little further. For more articles on the latest fashion trends, check out our blog here.

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