Get The Look: 90’s Revival

Fashion is in the midst of an explosion of 90’s nostalgia. It’s especially romantic for millennials who are experiencing the fashion merry-go-round for the first time and relishing the opportunity to recreate their fire outfit from the year 5 disco for 2019. When bell bottoms and maxi dresses came back on the scene, the 70’s babies squealed with joy. Shoulder pads and ripped jeans had the 80’s babies on cloud 9. Now the 90’s babies can experience the elation of walking into their favourite fashion shop and seeing clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in Smash Hits magazine. To celebrate this wonderful trend, we’ve scoured Brother2Brother to find the best pieces for you to put together the ultimate 90’s throwback look. No matter what your style, there’s plenty to mix and match to create a look that truly represents you as well as packing a retro high fashion punch!

Light Wash Denim

The denim section may be dominated by ripped jeans and jeans so skinny they cut off circulation, but to rock a real 90’s vibe try to root out some light wash denim. Avoid skinny and go for a straight cut slim fit, and try to avoid the rips. We’ve got the perfect pair to start you off, from Jacob Cohen, the Light Blue Limited Edition Jeans are handmade and feature exquisite detailing, including brown horsehide belt strap, navy and white handkerchief and signature fragrance. The jeans are limited edition, so for a truly unique fashion acquisition, consider Jacob Cohen. Brand new from Emporio Armani this season, the Light Wash J06 Jeans are crafted from 97% cotton and 3% elastane for ultimate comfort and all-day wear, and the straight cut and light wash keep them bang on the 90’s revival trend. Grab the Jacob Cohen (1) jeans here for £525.00, and the Emporio Armani (2) here for £140.00.

Cross-Body Bags

The practicality of a bum bag cannot be denied, which made their surge in popularity this year extremely welcome for those who hate having to lug around a bulky bag to keep their belongings safe. Whereas back in the 90’s the trend was to wear them, well, round your bum, it’s the done thing these days to wear them across the body, which carries the added bonus of keeping your valuables nice and close at all times! All of the major fashion houses and leading luxury brands have hopped on the crossbody bag train, with Valentino offering a simple black design with a subtle camouflage print and iconic rock stud detailing, perfectly versatile to pair with any casual outfit. DSquared2 have gotten in on the act, also going for a monochromatic palette with their Icon crossbody bag, which features black throughout and the brand’s signature Icon branding in contrasting white to the front. Fresh from their recent re-launch, Versace Jeans Couture have released their own crossbody bag with a black and white design, featuring the brand’s spanking new logo prominently on the front. You can get the Valentino (1) bag here for £599.00, the DSquared2 (2) bag here for £295.00 and the Versace Jeans Couture (3) bag is here for £120.00.

Logo T-Shirts

The perfect choice for a casual day out, a logo t-shirt takes the stress out of choosing an outfit. T-shirt, jeans, trainers, done. Nothing could be easier, but as dedicated followers of fashion know, it’s still important to be shrewd with your t-shirt choice! Luckily, Brother2Brother has one of the widest available selections of luxury, high-end designer threads, so you’ll be spoilt for choice if you fancy diving into this 90’s trend feet first. First up we have this striking logo t-shirt from Love Moschino. Featuring text reminiscent of the Stranger Things logo, or perhaps a Stephen King novel cover, the red and black colour scheme and big block letters scream retro chic. It’s 100% cotton with a relaxed crew neck fit, perfect for all-day casual wear. Next, brand new from Versace, this monochrome offering is also 100% cotton and features the iconic Versace Greco-medusa logo to the chest in black. To rock a real 90’s look, pair your t-shirt with light wash jeans and a crossbody bag, and maybe one of the next pieces to really amp it up! Get the Love Moschino (1) shirt here for £100.00 and the Versace (2) shirt here for £180.00.

Bucket Hats

This classic accessory is so 90’s that you almost don’t need to wear anything else to make your outfit a classic throwback. From Oasis to Kevin and Perry to American Pie, bucket hats were synonymous with teenagers partying hard and giving their parents the middle finger. Whether you appreciate their aesthetic or not, if you’re serious about rocking the authentic 90’s vibe you’ll need to grab yourself one of these, no exceptions. But don’t worry, we’ve found you two of the best, starting off with the delightfully nostalgic Red/White Authentic Bucket Hat from Kappa. It does what it says on the tin – it’s red with white branding and pipe detailing and it’s 100% cotton to keep your head nice and cool. In their instantly iconic newspaper style, Versace has created their own bucket hat, featuring Versace branding prominently at the front of the hat. Also made from 100% cotton, this hat is the perfect retro throwback. Both are in the sale, so grab them before they’re gone! You can get the Kappa (1) hat here for £15.00 and the Versace (2) hat here for £155.00.

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