Fashion Focused Females | You Should Be Following On Instagram


Today, in this blog we will be giving you an insight on the Fashion Focused Females that you should be following on Instagram if you aren’t already. We have put together a collection of Fashion Bloggers, Models, Entrepreneurs, Designers etc for you to browse through.. take inspiration and ideas from or to just appreciate their journey through social media. To begin with, we will show you each female with a run down on who they are and what they do, while linking all of their social media outlets, websites and business en-devours within the text and imagery so you can dig deeper to find out more information for yourselves.

  1. Aleali May (pronounced: Uh.lay.lee) | Instagram: @alealimay | Website: Aleali MayAleali May is an Image Consultant, Model, Fashion Blogger and Inspiration to a lot of young females across the world due to her consistent posts and style. While she was studying at Columbia College in Chicago around 2010, she began her career within the fashion industry working for Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery.  Aleali takes every opportunity to create with others by a tight grip and since then, she’s collaborated with world renowned brands such as Audi USANike, and Adidas plus more. is a self-titled blog which serves as a creative outlet to share her experiences in fashion, travel, and  entertainment.
  2. Daniella Grace | Instagram: @daniellagrace | Websites: withstyleandgrace & Grace is an amazingly gorgeous model represented by top agencies such as Wilhelmina & 5th Avenue BCN. Aside from just modelling, daniella has her fingers in many pies within the fashion business with a collaboration with Stilnest where she sells her own assortment of jewelry designed by herself called ‘Contrast Collection‘. As well as the modelling and designing for jewelry and clothing she is an avid blogger which she lets her surroundings to influence and inspire her posts and updates which are consistent and daily. She travels, travels and travels some more which she said.. “I find that it’s difficult for me to have a certain muse… I have an appreciation for all walks of life, and I like to find inspiration in places where no one else would. My career enables me to feed my passion for fashion, travel and culture.. I feel extremely fortunate.”
  3. Sarah Hashcroft | Instagram: @sarahhashcroft | YouTube: Sarah Hashcroft | Website: thatpommiegirl.comSarah Hashcroft is a UK Fashion Blogger that is a 21 year old female that lives in Buckinghamshire, England. She has studied a level 3 diploma in fashion retail at the Fashion Retail Academy in London for a year after she had finished her A levels and after finishing was eager to pursue a career in Fashion PR. During Sarah looking for a job she started a blog for a bit of fun and a platform to show off the clothes that hardly ever see the light of day. Due to her being a self confessed shopaholic with a wardrobe is bursting full of clothes.

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