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Are you looking for the perfect gym routine?

Are you struggling to find the perfect gym routine for you, not too sure where to start with going to the gym? If that’s so, in this blog we will be running you through some basic information for beginners so you can feel more comfortable while starting out and then we will also introduce you to a wide variety of training styles for cutting weight also known as “Shredding”, how to put weight on and get bigger also known as “Bulking”, then we will cover ways to stay fit &... Read More

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Is your diet summer ready?

The ‘Beast from the East’ has departed and the sunshine has returned… must be nearly summer, right? It’s at this time of year our attention turns to holidays and trips to the beach, prompting the question…  “Is my diet summer ready?” Don’t fret! In this article we’ll be exploring one of the most popular diets, which has become phenomenon!  We’ll also give you a bite sized round up of some of the best diet documentaries recently broadcast, including those from the world renowned Dr. Michael Mosley! Dr. Michael Mosley Facebook:... Read More


Health Is Wealth | PnP Fitness (TC, Solo & Adi)

– Health Is Wealth – PnP Fitness – (TC’s Instagram: @pnp_tc | Solo’s Instagram: @pnp_solo | Adi’s Instagram: @adi.gillespie) We have been following these 3 heavyweight beasts on social media for a year or so now. We use them as motivation not just in the gym but in every aspect of life with their positive mindsets. Being at peace with your Mind, Body & Soul is the key to reaching a better life through simulating your mind with books, your body with good nutrition, powerful workouts and relationships from family... Read More