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Back to Basics: Our Top Picks

We all love experimenting with the latest fashion trends from time to time but yet always find ourselves reverting back to our favourite go-to items in our wardrobes. Usually, they’re the simplest pieces we own. This is probably because they’re easy to style and we know we feel most comfortable in them. However, we’re all guilty of doing it but we actually tend to not invest in our wardrobe basics even though they are our most worn items! This is why we’ve narrowed down a list of designer pieces, live... Read More

Diesel Island constitution: the writing of.

Right, you guys are going to love this….. So you know the whole Diesel Island thing and all the quirkiness that ensues on this little idil in the sea, well as we mentioned some time ago they have their own constitution. Now a constitution as you well know id like a set of principles that governs the land and you’ll probably hear it most often from American TV seeing as they are so very proud of theirs. Sadly we don’t have any video evidence of how the American constitution was... Read More