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Your Guide to ‘16 Festival Attire

If there’s one thing we Brits love it’s a music festival. Whether you’re heading off to V-Festival this year, or are more of a Reading and Leeds kinda guy, there’s one thing that may be troubling you – what to wear? Festivals can be tricky. For starters there’s the ever-worrying state of the British ‘summer’ weather to contend with, and then when you arrive you obviously want to be relaxed and comfortable without looking too out of style. We think, when it comes to festival fashion, you can’t go wrong... Read More

Colmar Originals – The new kid on the block?

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we have great pleasure in announcing that we are the first official UK stockist to launch with Italian outerwear Powerhouse Colmar Originals. Founded in 1923 original under the name of “Colmar” its name deriving from the first three letters of the founders surname Colombo followed by the first three of his first Mario. Mario Colombo set out to bring an unparalleled quality to the Italian clothing market. Originally setting out manufacturing accessories the business soon developed into making branded clothing for the sportswear industry,... Read More