Here at Brother2Brother, we are foodies to the highest degree, we follow an untold amount of food accounts on Instagram, we watch food review shows on YouTube, and dine out frequently being that annoying person taking 101 photos before eating the food! Yes, we do take photos of our food and post it, why not.

Being lucky enough to live so close to London and work only a 20-minute train ride to King’s Cross, we have the ability to indulge in everything London has to serve up. In this editorial, we will be running you through a few of our go-to Instagram accounts and YouTube channels to keep up to date with the best in the game when it comes to pop-up spots, community staples, and one-of-ones that have been in the same spot for 10+ years.

How many food puns can you find?👀


Rule 1: Watch while eating!

The Chicken Connoisseur / The CNSR

A pioneer of the whole food reviewing space, Elijah a.k.a The CNSR was at the forefront of when YouTube started to become a source of creating your own shows, around your own concept and not needing a huge production company to create a community of watchers who want to tune in to every episode. A genius concept of reviewing your local chicken shops in London which hundreds of thousands of people a day eat-in and giving his honest opinion on the chips, chicken, seasoning, crunch, and everything else that goes into creating the perfect meal.

Coming up to the channels 7th year of activity which has racked up over 94+ million views and they are still pumping out classic content that is reaching millions of viewers every episode. If you are a chicken lover like we are, we suggest you head over the the channel and watch his videos so you can find some of the best local gems which could be local to you!

Instagram: @pengestmunch | YouTube: The CNSR

“You’ve stolen a pizza my heart!”

Food Review Club / FRC

Matthew started just before the pandemic brought everything to a steaming halt, the Food Review Club used this as his time to shine with everyone at home, eating out was closed apart from takeaways and why not use this opportunity to find the best take away all of the UK for people to eat while off. FRC are on a quest to cover these quirky towns all over to find the UK’s best restaurants, street food, fish and chips, Sunday roasts, takeaways & pubs with honest, real opinions.

This year will be the channels 3rd year running and they have started to expand their horizons on a dream journey to the big apple, New York City to review the worlds most renowned restaurants, pizzerias, street trucks and lobby foods that can be found with the help of locals and viewers. You can tune in to the YouTube to see weekly videos or keep a close eye on their Instagram to see the best mouth watering photos and mini reviews.

Instagram: @foodreviewclub | YouTube: Food Review Club

“You’re the apple of my ribeye..”

Top Jaw / TJ

Jesse & Will are two friends filming, presenting, and reviewing some of the world’s favourite things to eat, drink and do while traveling across the UK, from city to city, town to town, and plane hopping regularly to try out what this world has to offer. They often link up with special guests in the areas they are visiting to get an exclusive tour around whichever city they are in.

The pair started their channel in 2015 which has been growing rapidly, hitting 250k subscribers and hitting over 13 million views in total by doing what they love, interacting with all nationalities and cultures. Their formula which combines a high energy and authentic vlog-style formats with a high quality edit with their 15-minute films regularly exceeding 200k views a video.

Instagram: @topjaw | YouTube: Top Jaw

Take a bite out of these Instagram’s.

Instagram: @foodyfellas_ & @feastlondon

When it comes to following food accounts on Instagram, you have to be sure you want to be seduced every day with an abundance of mouth-watering images and reels showcasing the best spots in the city. The beauty of having so many people doing reviews or documenting where they eat is that there is a never-ending list of places to visit.

“Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout!”

Instagram: @londonfoodbabes & @london.foodguide

Visiting these spots doesn’t just mean eating food, you can hit up the cocktail menus, make your own drink with the mixologists, taste flavours from different corners of the world you didn’t even know existed and indulge in the whole variety they have to offer.

“Time fries when I’m with you..”

Instagram: @ldncheapeats & @foodfeedlondon

As prolific foodies, we know that the price has nothing to do with how good the food is, so when we came across accounts such as LDN Cheap Eats we were delighted to see someone hitting the everyday spots that don’t break the bank to get the same effect as what you would do eating up west end or boxpark in Shoreditch.

“Have an egg-cellent day! Nice meating you”

Written & Edited by Dalton Notley (Social & Content at Brother2Brother)

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