Breaking Boundaries | Nigel Sylvester (Pro BMXer)

.Breaking Boundaries.

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Nigel Sylvester is a break-out Professional bmx rider from Queens, New York who ditched the traditional route and made his own lane of becoming one of the most prolific riders of our generation by winning extreme bmx competitions. He has maintained his status and unique style of riding by keeping us updated with innovative content through his Instagram & YouTube accounts. Sylvester, who was born & bred in the heart of Queens, New York still stays loyal to his roots by riding the exact streets who came up on, which he knows like the back of his hand. In recent months, Nigel landed himself a space on Forbes List “30 Under 30 in Sports”.

YouTube & GO!

Sylvester has come up with a fresh new concept to give you a first hand experience while riding his bike through all major cities of Nigel’s choice such as Tokyo, Los Angeles & his home New York. He has come up with the POV (Point of View) experience by using a go-pro when he is on his bike with amazing editing to make the short 2-5 minute videos look like mini movies which play out as a series on his YouTube channel. By using this concept is his own way of combining Fashion, Music & BMXing into one by incorporating his famous friends from Nick Young, Ben Baller, A$AP Ferg, Mr.Flawless, Victor Cruz plus many more well known faces. Since he started using YouTube as a platform for people to see his talents, he has quickly racked up over  12 millions views, 160k + subscribers on his own channel. We will put Nigel’s New York – GO! so you can check it out for yourself below!

(Nigel Sylvester – GO! | New York City)


Nigel has accumulated a collection of well respected Sponsorship’s over the years from Animal Bikes, Nike, Beats by Dre, Ethika, G-Shock just to state a few but there are many more you can re-search on your own.

Ethika – “With a riding style formulated in the streets of New York City and on display around the world, Nigel Sylvester is a star in the world of sports and widely recognized as one of the premier athletes in BMX. Nigel is not only a star in the Action Sports world, but also in the pop culture world, as he has a tremdeous reach. The sky is the limit for the Pyradice captain”.

G-Shock – “Being an ambassador of BMX and quickly becoming recognized as the face of his sport. “I want to push myself and challenge the sport to continuously grow. Help the world gain a better understand of BMX and why I do it” said Nigel. “I feel like a lot of people understand the feeling you get from riding a bike. They might not be able to do exactly what I do, but they can relate and appreciate it”.

Nike – “I grew up buying my favorite athlete’s sneakers like Jordan’s and Deion Sanders mid tops with the bulky strap. On my journey to becoming a Pro BMX’er I worked as hard as I could with the dream of one day signing a sneaker deal. I was fortunate enough to sign with Nike and afforded the opportunity to finally have my own signature sneaker, it was exactly what I dreamt of and more. A total career game changer”.

Beats by Dre – “Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and sponsor Beats by Dre pair up to present a look into one of Europe’s most notable urban playgrounds: Barcelona. Sylvester makes quick work of the landscape in this four-minute film from the idyllic Barcelona streets cutting to further footage from back home in America, focused on little else aside from the task at hand and his own soundtrack. The video cleverly mixes in the city’s natural sounds – construction and chatter – with the music on Sylvester’s headphones as the 25-year-old impresses without missing a beat”.


.Fashion Meets BMX.

Nigel, who is sponsored by Nike which is his main choice of go to clothes & footwear as he has to be flexible while riding a bike it is perfect to due his athletic take on biking. Recently, he done an interview with HYPEBEAST “Coffee ‘N Clothes with Nigel Sylvester” which gave us an amazing in-sight to how he gets ready for his day ahead while looking good, but staying practical. Hypebeast said in their bio “Nigel talks about pushing the boundaries of his sport, by breaking down racial stereotypes and being multidimensional in telling his story. We then headed to A.P.C.’s brick-and-mortar on Bond Street to purchase a new pair of jeans to bike in. As he’s searching for a tapered silhouette made with stretch denim — because flexibility is paramount, Nigel explains why he would describe his style as “comfortable, functional and edgy,” as well as how clothing can disarm prejudices”.

(Coffee ‘N Clothes with Nigel Sylvester | HYPEBEAST)

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