Breaking Barriers | Tyson Beckford


.Breaking Barriers with Tyson Beckford.

(1st Male Supermodel | Actor | Writer | Fashion Icon)

Mr Beckford, the first ever Male Supermodel to break boundaries in the modelling industry by being the first black male on billboards, campaigns, posters etc for Fashion. Tyson, who grew up in The Bronx, New York through the 70s, 80s and onward seeing everything grow in NY while growing as a young man trying to make it. Beckford is a combinations of race such as Jamaican, Chinese and Panamanian, giving him the multi-race features which the fashion world flocked to from worldwide brand such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

.Modelling & Acting.

Tyson started making waves within the industry while still keeping his self humble and grounded with his roots. This gave him a different edge to most other models at the time with his street background going with his good looks made him gain fans from all walks of life. He was respected by the male population that wouldn’t normally be drawn to Models and obviously, a massive female fan base growing rapidly and still to present day. By gaining all this attention, he also gained recognition from the Music Industry with him getting approached to Act/Cameo within the biggest stars of the 90s and early 2000’s music videos which he happily accepted. To name a few he has appeared in such as Toni Braxtons “Breathe Again”, Biggie Smalls “One More Chance”, 50 Cents “21 Questions”, Raekwon “Ice Cream” plus many more.

At the same time as the Modelling, Beckford has been the front man and main roles of some major films such as Zoolander (working along side Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson), Biker Boyz (starring Lauren Fishburne, Lisa Bonet etc), Into The Blue (with the late great Paul Walker and Jessica Alba) plus many more big roles, working along side the best writers, producers and actors. As well as movies, he has done some television such as the host of both seasons of the Bravo program Make Me a Supermodel. Also he appeared in an episode of My Wife & Kids along side Nicole Scherzinger.

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