Brand Spotlight: Palm Angels

The skate-inspired brand Palm Angels is a new kid on the block. In the early 2010s, Moncler’s art director, Francesco Ragazzi, began a momentous project. Touring the LA skating scene, Ragazzi shot a series of black-and-white photographs, which he subsequently compiled into a coffee table book. Through the book, Ragazzi claimed, he wanted to “reinterpret the world of skaters”, transforming it from “a bit grunge, a bit cheap”, into “a form of art.” The buzz that his book, and its foreword penned by Pharrell Williams, generated on its publishing in 2014 lead to a debut ready-to-wear collection by Fall 2015. The skate-inspired apparel and accessories combine Ragazzi’s Italian sartorial background with the relaxed vibes that made him fall in love with LA. Below, we’ve gathered a small collection of his most iconic pieces from Brother2Brother’s selection, but if you can’t get enough, you can check out the whole collection here!

Burning Skeleton LS T-Shirt

There’s no better example than this first one to show you what Palm Angels is all about. This Burning Skeleton Long-Sleeved T-Shirt is sheer irreverence at its best. Its long sleeves are perfect to roll up for casual wear, and the burning skeleton design on the front is unforgettable. The haloed skeleton cheekily blows into the flame and the whole thing almost resembles a medieval painting of a witch-burning. But what’s far from medieval are the flames streaking up both sleeves and the bold text on the back: FIRESTARTER, A.K.A. PUNKIN INSTIGATOR. The result of all these elements is an artistic t-shirt with a street attitude.

Get the Burning Skeleton LS T-Shirt here for £310.00

Black/Flames Track Jacket

If you’re starting to notice a theme here, you’re not wrong. Ragazzi clearly has a thing for flames. This Black/Flames Track Jacket is a mesmerizing visual, perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Paired with simple, black track pants on the bottom, this striking number will ensure that everyone knows who you’re wearing, and if they don’t know Palm Angels, they’ll be sure to ask you about it. If you’re not a firestarter already, then it’s time to turn up the temperature and make a purchase that’ll heat up your wardrobe this season.

Get the Black/Flames Track Jacket here for £380.00

Purple Classic Track Pants

At Brother2Brother, we love a classic. These Purple Classic Track Pants look as though Arnold Schwarzenegger himself carried them through a time machine from the 80s to the present day. And with them, you’ll be sure to terminate your sartorial opposition. Every fine detail of these pants, down to the crisp, centred line down the legs and the thick, elasticated waistband capitalises on the roaring return of 80s fashion and aesthetic into our lives. Make your legs rain purple this season, confident that, despite the loud colour of these pants, people have worn stranger things.

Get the Purple Classic Track Pants here for £280.00

Tie Dye Logo T-Shirt

Tie-dye is an ancient tradition, dating back in some regions of the world to the 8th century. But, it’s more famous for its revival in the 1960s and 70s, and especially its iconic connection to hippie culture. So it’s natural that Ragazzi, who is clearly inspired by the combination of old and new, to include tie-dye designs for Palm Angels. This t-shirt is a dazzling spiral of orange, yellow and blue, eliciting summery vibes and clearly hailing from the ever-temperate climes of California. Palm Angels’ iconic security tag in contrasting pink tops off this look, perfect for those looking for a stand-out t-shirt for casual wear.

Get the Tie Dye Logo T-Shirt here for £235.00

Black/White Front Logo Hoodie

Sometimes, simplicity and understatement are invaluable. This Black/White Front Logo Hoodie is minimalism and contrast at its best. Evocative of the very thing that started all of this, Ragazzi’s black-and-white photography of the LA skating scene, this hoodie is the king of casual, the prince of the perfunctory personality. And, of course, understatement is best combined with a massive overstatement, and this hoodie has it in the form of the Palm Angels logo emblazoned across the chest in unmissable white print.

Get the Black/White Front Logo Hoodie here for £320.00

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