Brand Spotlight: MCQ

Alexander McQueen is famous for many things. From stoking controversy in the nineties with provocative titles for his collections and garments to his lavish, over the top runway shows, he was an icon of British fashion until his untimely death in 2010. His legacy lives on through his eponymous fashion house, and it was particularly poignant that just over a year after his death it was Alexander McQueen that was the name responsible for creating Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, sure to go down as one of the most famous of all time. MCQ was launched in 2006 as a diffusion from the main Alexander McQueen line aimed at a younger, edgier audience. Since then the brand has grown enormously under creative director Sarah Burton, boasting a London boutique and presentations at London Fashion Week. Their latest releases have just dropped here on Brother2Brother for FW19, so check out some of our favourites below!


Fair Isle Zip Fleece Jacket

It’s likely that if you’re in the UK today, fleeces will be the last thing on your mind! But planning ahead is always good, and you’ll definitely be wanting this stunning garment in your wardrobe when temperatures return to normality! This brightly coloured printed fleece puts you in mind of the wacky shirts worn by everyone in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the 90s vibe it gives off is super on-trend currently. Warm, comfortable, stylish and enough retro swag to get you through to next spring, grab it while you can!

Get the Fair Isle Zip Fleece Jacket here for £335.00


Black and White Design Belt Bag

Festival season might be tapering off, but if this hot weather hangs around there will be plenty more opportunities for you to party outside until dawn, so keep your possessions safe and close with this outrageously cool belt bag. The design is dominated by the ‘flock pixel monster,’ a motif seen throughout the new collection which originated from the music and culture that the late 80s in Manchester. It’s monochrome so it’ll go with just about everything, so make sure you have this close by next time you’re headed to a party, festival or gig!

Get the Black and White Design Belt Bag here for £185.00


White Hyper Reality Shirt

Billed as a formal shirt, this crisp white shirt looks unassuming from the front, despite the very large, circular ‘hyperreality theory’ emblem on the chest, and would be perfectly dressed up with a blazer for a wedding or other formal gathering. However, turn it around and you’re confronted with a large graphic print of four ‘flock pixel monsters’ which really gives it a business upfront, party in the back vibe! If you’re headed to a particularly posh occasion, this one might be one to give a miss, however anywhere else and you’re sure to turn heads with your interesting choice of attire!

Get the White Hyper Reality Shirt here for £185.00


White/Orange Pixelated Felt Monster T-Shirt

What’s better than a well designed and crafted designer t-shirt? It’s a well designed and crafted designer t-shirt that everyone will want to stroke! This bad boy features the brand’s new ‘rave monster’ design to the front of the shirt in orange felt, creating a fantastic contrast in texture and colour between it and the white cotton behind. An otherwise simple affair, this shirt would be the perfect casual accompaniment to jeans or shorts for a cool summer look. 

Get the White/Orange Pixelated Felt Monster T-Shirt here for £155.00


Black/Neon Repeat Logo Sweatshirt

The black cotton sweatshirt is so stylish and comfortable we can’t see ourselves wearing much else this winter. The simple but chic design features on-trend neon green detailing alongside the brand’s iconic MCQ logo contrasting against a black backdrop. The comfortable crew fit will ensure you’re kept warm and cosy when the cold weather inevitably returns, and this jumper is so versatile it can be worn with anything! Make sure to snap one up before they’re all gone!

Get the Black/Neon Repeat Logo Sweatshirt here for £280.00


Black Logo Pouched Hoodie

If you have an eye for unusual and interesting design, this might be the hoodie for you. Looking like a cross between a v-neck jumper, rain mack, bum bag and hoodie, it looks like MCQ were trying to create the ultimate all in one hoodie to suit your needs. Crafted in solid black, the front pouch is incredibly useful for storing belongings safely, whereas the unique design is likely to turn heads and get people asking questions, at which point you can reveal it’s MCQ and revel in the attention and adoration. 

Get the Black Logo Pouched Hoodie here for £365.00


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