Brand Spotlight: Mallet

Everyone loves a fashion success story. The annals of the fashion hall of fame are filled with rags to riches stories of talented, creative individuals putting their dreams to paper and, eventually, achieving everything more than they could have ever imagined. In this sense, Mallet Footwear is no different. Except, perhaps, the ‘eventually’ part. You see, Mallet Footwear hasn’t been around for decades. It’s barely been around for years. Founder Tommy Mallet’s million dollar brainwave came in 2015, and in four short years, Mallet Footwear has grown from an idea in the head of an ex-reality TV star to a business gaining traction in the fashion industry solely under its own steam. Committed to creating high-end trainers with top quality materials without so much of a high-end price tag, Mallet has gained a huge number of celebrity fans, with the likes of Craig David, Will.I.Am and Olly Murs being seen sporting their own pairs. Mallet has said the inspiration behind his designs comes from being bullied over his trainers at school, and you can be sure that nobody is going to be questioning your choices if you’re seen in Mallet, which has got to make him a happy chap. To celebrate the release of their new Tech Pack collection, we’ve featured six of our favourite pairs below for you to check out. Obviously, make sure you take a look at the full collection when you’re done, and if you do make a cheeky purchase, make sure to let us know!

Graphite Tech Runner Trainers

If you’re headed to a festival (or two) this summer and you’re looking for a great pair of trainers to last you through then consider going for the graphite. As with the entire collection, this pair of trainers are constructed with the highest quality knit woven fabric, with the neutral graphite colour making them the perfect choice to pair with any casual outfit. Silver accents, including the brand’s signature heel clip, pair perfectly with the colour scheme as well as giving the shoe that luxury look and feel.

Get the Graphite Tech Runner Trainers here for £185.00


Midnight Tech Runner Trainers

Another brand new feature in this collection from Mallet is the soon to be iconic transparent bubble soul. Perhaps it’s a bit of a throwback to the 90s when it seemed everything became cooler when it was transparent – bags, chairs, phones, if you couldn’t see their insides then what was the point? Offered in a beautiful midnight black, this pair offers the same neutral versatility as the graphite pair, so if you prefer to keep things toned down, but you still like a bit if choice, why not get both?

Get the Midnight Tech Runner Trainers here for £185.00


Neon Tech Runner Trainers

Perhaps the biggest trend for trainers for summer 2019 is neon. Another 90’s revival but definitely one we’re not mad at! To be at the cutting edge of fashion this summer, you won’t want to miss this acid yellow and jet black pair, complete with bubble sole, silver heel clip and the ever-present branded Mallet sole to finish things off. As well as neon, textures are massive this season, so the unique and interesting textured design that sees the neon taper off into the black will keep eyes on you wherever you go.

Get the Neon Tech Runner Trainers here for £185.00


Army Tech Runner Trainers

A huge fashion trend for this season, not just limited to but certainly fully inclusive of trainers, is sage green. You know, the green used in khaki. It’s an earthy, toned down and warm shade that has dominated runways all over the world, and now you can have it on your feet! With a clear commitment to leading from the front when it comes to fashion trends, the Tech Pack collection is crammed with fashion-forward designs helping to cement Mallet’s place as an authority in trainer fashion. So, if you’re a sage, you’ll definitely snap these up! And, before you ask, we meant sage in the old English sense!

Get the Army Tech Runner Trainers here for £185.00

Red Steel Tech Runner Trainers

If you’re a techy kinda guy, then this pair may well be your favourite. The design looks almost digital as if it wouldn’t look out of place on a green screen behind Keanu Reeves flipping around to avoid bullets. If you like keeping your outfits paired down but your shoes a statement then keep these standout, bang on trend shoes by your side at all times as they’ll definitely become a summer 2019 go to!

Get the Red Steel Tech Runner Trainers here for £185.00

Shadow Tech Runner Trainers

We know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking ‘hey, B2B, what if I like textures, contrasts AND neutrals? Where’s my pair?’ Don’t think we’ve left you out! Take the Red Steel and put in in grayscale and you get the final pair we’re featuring – Shadow. With the same cool, textured design but in a more neutral black and grey, you can keep things simple and make a statement all at the same time! Make sure to check out the rest of the Mallet Footwear collection here!

Get the Shadow Tech Runner Trainers here for £185.00

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