Brand Spotlight: Buscemi

Since its launch in 2013, Buscemi has grown to become the number one name in luxury designer trainers. Cousin of Hollywood A-Lister Steve Buscemi, designer Jon Buscemi has stepped out from behind the shadow of his famous relative, gaining millions of fans with his unique urban aesthetic, striking metallic features, opulent materials and exquisite attention to detail. Buscemi shoes represent pure, oozing luxury and decadence, so if you’ve been thinking of adding to your trainer collection, but haven’t quite found that pair that screams wow, we’ve got you covered! We’ve picked out six of our favourite pairs for your viewing pleasure, and as we’re sure you won’t be able to get enough, you can check out the entire collection here. Don’t let boring and unfashionable footwear dampen your style. With Buscemi, you won’t fail to turn heads, no matter where you go!

100MM Buckle Naplak In Black

If you love to live life on the dark side, we’ve got the shoes for you. For everyone whose favourite colour is black, these shiny, jet black hi-tops will complement any occasion! Crafted from luxurious Italian calf leather, these trainers feature hand-painted edges and the signature silver-plated Buscemi padlock.  The design is finished off with a crinkled texture all over, allowing the trainers to catch the light from a myriad of different angles, making them almost shine as you walk. An absolute must buy!

Get the 100MM Buckle Naplak In Black here for £715.00

Gold Metallic 100MM Metal Hi-Tops

You know when you buy a pair of shoes, but they’re so perfect and so expensive looking that you never want to wear them? Despite the fact that you’ll drive everyone insane with jealousy? It’s a tough dilemma, and one you’re sure to face if you buy these shoes. Crafted in decadent gold leather, these trainers are so bright they could probably be seen from space! All of the luxurious Buscemi features are present – hand-painted edges, silver plated padlock, and the shoes also come with a dust bag, so you’ll be able to protect them whenever you’re not wearing them – if you ever do! We’d seriously recommend it – you’d be the talk of the town!

Get the Gold Metallic 100MM Metal Hi Tops here for £930.00

Military Green Leather Uno Low Alce Trainers

Military green is the colour of summer 2019. Seen all over the runway, it’s the perfect casual colour that will elevate any casual outfit, even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt. These stunning low trainers from Buscemi feature 18-karat gold accents, contrasting beautifully with the deep green leather and were hand-crafted in Italy. If you like a more simple design, but still want your shoes to be the star of the show, give these babies a try!

Get the Military Green Leather Uno Low Alce Trainers here for £540.00

Black/Off White 100mm Clip Canvas Trainers

Monochromatic looks are super in at the moment, and what better way to top off a stylish monochrome outfit than with some kick-ass designer trainers? These hi-tops are, as usual, handcrafted in luxury Italian calf leather, with the design featuring black and off-white. The trainers also feature a Vachetta calfskin liner, ensuring they are exquisitely comfortable for all-day wear. These shoes scream effortless chic, so if you love monochrome and have been looking for the perfect trainers to complement your look, look no further!

Get the Black/Off White 100mm Clip Canvas Trainers here for £615.00

White Leather Uno Low Alce Trainers

When the sun is beating down and your brow is sweaty, the last thing you’ll want to be wearing is a dark coloured outfit. Dark colours absorb heat, so when the mercury rises, stick to light colours, particularly white. But what shoes will complement an all-white outfit, I hear you cry? These low trainers are handcrafted in pure white Italian leather, finished with a pebble-grain texture. 18-karat gold accents complete the design, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect casual shoe to complete your all-white look, definitely buy these shoes!

Get the White Leather Uno Low Alce Trainers here for £525.00

Light Brown 125MM Weave Hi-Tops

It’s almost like finding a unicorn when you find trainers that are so smart and chic you could probably wear them to a formal event without anyone batting an eye. We think these shoes fit that description, crafted from premium Italian calf leather in a gorgeous light brown colour which is featured throughout. Contrast is provided by the signature Buscemi padlock to the back of the shoe which is bright silver. Smarten up a casual look, or give them a go at work, after all, they are Buscemi!

Get the Light Brown 125MM Weave Hi Tops here for £640.00

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