Brand Spotlight: Balmain

Balmain is a luxury French fashion house, founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. Born to fashion, Balmain’s father owned a drapery business, and his mother and sister owned a fashion boutique, where Balmain often worked after his father’s death in 1921. After the close of World War II, Balmain went on to become “a king of French fashion”, known for his sophistication and elegance, and preference for modest and simple designs, in opposition to the flashy or the ornamental. Once describing dressmaking as “the architecture of movement”, Balmain famously designed for celebrities and notable figures such as Ava Gardner, Brigitte Bardot and Queen Sirikit of Thailand, stamping his sartorial sense indelibly on the annals of fashion history. Below, we’ve compiled several pieces from Brother2Brother’s Balmain collection and, if you’re gasping for more, you can view the full Balmain collection here.

Striped Logo T-Shirt

This Striped Logo T-Shirt is simplicity and relaxation at its best. Designed for a loose fit, this t-shirt’s thin, fine stripes are detailed perfection, artistically marred as the yellow dominating the bottom of the t-shirt infringes into the black colour of the top in chaotic splodges, the lines themselves making the transition from black to yellow inconsistently. There’s nothing loud about this t-shirt’s muted, pastel shades and, with Balmain, that’s how it’s meant to be. Combined with black skinny jeans, this number is the best way to communicate your lack of need for anyone else’s approval. You don’t need to shout about who you’re wearing, it’s Balmain, and that’s enough.

Get the Striped Logo T-Shirt here for £460.00

Black/Striped Logo Knit Jumper

France, at least its northern half, isn’t known for its stunning summers. But, when the temperatures begin their inevitable plummet, Balmain still has you covered. This Black/Striped Logo Knit Jumper is a beautifully considered exercise in careful contrast. It’s mostly dominated in black, but the white is placed where it can have the most impact. The one white, striped sleeve gives the entire piece an asymmetrical look that makes a statement without bellowing about it. This is the kind of piece that you could wear casually but also rises to a smart-casual evening if it needs to. This kind of versatility is the epitome of Balmain’s careful touch when designing their apparel.

Get the Black/Striped Logo Knit Jumper here for £840.00

Black Logo Sweatpants

Let’s face it, even lounge days aren’t an excuse to dress down. With these Black Logo Sweatpants, it’s all about the details. The slim fit hugs every muscle in your legs. The fine metalwork at the waistband holds the drawstrings firmly in place. The knees feature iconic ridges, applied with care and attention, and almost unnoticeable from a distance. These sweatpants are like a fine work of art, and they require close and sustained attention to appreciate their finer touches. If you want to dress down without really dressing down, then you can be assured that no one will be able to tell you’re doing it without staring at you for an inappropriately-long time.

Get the Black Logo Sweatpants here for £460.00

Black/Neon Circle Logo T-Shirt

If it wasn’t already clear that Balmain is about the details, this t-shirt is the pièce de résistance. At first glance, it’s a plain, black number. Unremarkable, but for the fact it’s from Balmain. At an angle, however, the fine yellow detailing lining the inside of the brand’s very latest circular logo catches your eye like a glinting, neon light. While others might take the idea of neon too literally, Balmain applies this idea with the very lightest of touches, turning a plain black number into a subtle piece that requires a keen eye to appreciate.

Get the Black/Neon Circle Logo T-Shirt here for £305.00

Black Ripped Slim Jeans

If you’re looking for more denim, then Balmain is the only place to go. These Black Ripped Slim Jeans are fashioned from a cotton/elastane Japanese denim, offering superior comfort and fit. Belying Balmain’s usual subtlety, these jeans feature heavy distressing and ripped detailing around the knees, extending upwards and downwards to the thighs and ankles. But, in spite of this, those perennial Balmain details are still there. An embellished ‘B’ logo sits above the right pocket and every metal button features a playful design, eschewing the standard pins of more humdrum jeans. These are a perfect addition to any modish man’s denim collection.

Get the Black Ripped Slim Jeans here for £650.00

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