Brand Spotlight: Axel Arigato

Swedish luxury shoe brand Axel Arigato was created in 2014 by founders Albin Johansson and Max Svärdh. They burst onto the fashion scene with gusto and quickly made a name for themselves as a brand to watch. They famously consistently released a new style of shoe every week since summer 2014, and in the years that have followed the brand has worked to hone nail down their signature style to create the sleek and fashion-forward shoes we know and love today. Such enormous and consistent growth for a shoe brand is rare and can be put down to the founders’ keen eye for design that works and that will make a statement in a crowded market. Consistently crafted from the highest quality materials, Axel Arigato shoes are not only fabulous to look at but unrivalled in their capacity for comfort and durability. If you’re after a brand new pair of kicks just in time for Autumn/Winter 2019, check out some of our favourites from the latest Axel Arigato collection below, and if you like what you see, you can take in the whole collection here.

Marathon Runner

Everyone seems to be jumping onboard the 90’s nostalgia train lately, so it’s unsurprising that Axel Arigato have too, and boy have they done it well. The 90’s meant that the chunkier the trainer, the better, so re-live the golden years of your youth with the Axel Arigato Marathon Runners. Featuring a stand out multi-coloured design and an absolutely enormous platform sole, the shoes really scream retro and are the perfect casual trainer to impress your mates with on a day or night out! These shoes are handcrafted, perfectly formed and sure to fly out of our warehouse so grab them while you can!

Get the Marathon Runners here for £205.00

Black Mesh Catfish Sneaker

Moving slightly forward in time on the nostalgia train, do you remember in 2001 when it seemed like everyone and their mother had skater shoes permanently fused to their feet? Relive the magic with these chunky skater style trainers from Axel Arigato. Featuring an all-over black design, the shoes feature a ‘stash pocket’ on the tongue, perfect for keeping your most important valuables safely hidden away, only if they’re pretty small though! Constructed from premium leather and suede with added mesh for that extra retro vibe, these are the perfect pair of trainers to pair with any outfit. 

Get the Black Mesh Catfish Sneakers here for £180.00

White Bird Clean 90 Trainer

The Clean 90 silhouette was first premiered by Axel Arigato not long after they were first founded in 2015. Since, the design has become one of the brand’s most iconic, with a number of different versions of the silhouette released. One of the latest is this, the White Bird Clean 90 Trainer, which features an all-over white design contrasted by and embroidered white bird against a black patch. Handcrafted from premium leather, the design is completed with the standard Arigato gold branding. While the weather is still toasty, these are the perfect casual shoe to keep you looking and feeling cool.

Get the White Bird Clean 90 Trainers here for £180.00

Green Suede Toe Cap Trainer

It’s easy to hate going to formal occasions when you have to shove your feet into uncomfortable formal shoes. However, we may have just found you a pair of trainers that you can get away with, so no need to carry on despairing! Crafted from premium Italian suede in the super on-trend olive green colour, these trainers are simple, smart and ever so chic. No, you probably won’t get away with them at a wedding, but they’re a great way to add comfort to a long day of formal socialising!

Get the Green Suede Toe Cap Trainers here for £145.00

White Leather Genesis Trainer

Another 90’s throwback, this time in the form of the White Leather Genesis Trainer. The design is chunky, featuring a mostly white colour scheme with flashes of gold and little areas of blue stitching. As always, the shoes are handcrafted from the finest leather and include gold foil detailing for that extra luxurious touch. If you never want the 90’s throwback revival to end, make sure it doesn’t by grabbing these for your collection as soon as possible!

Get the White Leather Genesis Trainers here for £180.00


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