Back To School Style

With September now upon us, it’s back to school time for millions of people around the UK. From college students to university professors, the new academic year presents an opportunity for a fresh start, and there’s no better way to achieve that than a fresh wardrobe. Do you dream of leaving a lecture theatre in stunned silence at your stunning outfit choices? Would you love to strut around the college corridors turning heads as people admire your style? Well, as usual, here at Brother2Brother, we’ve got you covered. Whether your academic dress code is cool and casual or formal as can be, we’ve compiled our top picks of several back to school style staples so that no matter where you are in your academic career, you’ll have something insanely stylish to wear while you exercise that mighty brain of yours. To all the students out there, good luck with your studies and remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. To all the teachers and academics – good luck and Godspeed!

The Formal Shirt

If you’re a teacher or lecturer, chances are your daily work life involves a relatively strict dress code. When formalwear is expected of you, it can be easy to fall into the habit of wearing the same old boring shirt, trousers and tie every day. No more! You can wear a formal shirt that has a fashionable flair but not so that it’ll be in any way offensive. Proving this point is DSquared2 with their Black Double Zip Button Shirt. Constructed from black cotton, this simple yet elegant shirt features two zips on the chest, a simple design choice that elevates this shirt from simple to endlessly chic. Another, slightly more ‘out there’ choice could be Neil Barrett’s Black/White Bolt Long Sleeve Shirt. Featuring a black and white colourway, the design is dominated by white lightning stripes adorning the shoulders and upper chest, contrasting with the black material. It’s bold and unique, the perfect shirt for showing off your personality while keeping things appropriately formal!

Get the DSquared2 Black Double Zip Button Shirt here for £325.00

Get the Neil Barrett Black/White Bolt Long Sleeve Shirt here for £330.00

The T-Shirt

More often than not, if you’re a college or university student, you’ll be rocking a more casual and comfortable day to day style. Students are famous for their, let’s say, interesting fashion choices on campus, with pyjama-clad youngsters a common sight. But you, no doubt, have greater ambitions, and you know that becoming a BNOC and being well known for your exquisite taste in fashion will not happen unless you make some seriously astute style choices this term. To stand out from the crowd, we recommend the Stroke of a Kind Drop Shoulder Tee from Haculla. This indie brand is a major up and comer and known for their brain-bending designs. Featuring striking street art design emblazoned in gold, contrasting with the black background, this t-shirt will be a head turner and a conversation starter. For the art lovers out there, you might prefer the White Pantone Print T-Shirt from Love Moschino. The design is made up of Pantone colour plates that spell out Love Moschino. It’s colourful and casual, perfect for striking up a conversation with a fellow art lover!

Get the Haculla Stroke of a Kind Drop Shoulder Tee here for £170.00

Get the Love Moschino White Pantone Print T-Shirt here for £90.00

The Backpack

Every dedicated student needs a sturdy backpack to carry all of their books and study materials. And unless times have changed dramatically, your backpack is a chance to showcase your personality and let people know who you are. If you’re a teenager, it’s likely you’ll be obsessed with Fortnite, so you might want to try and persuade your parents to grab the Sprayground Fortnite Shark Royale Backpack for you before it sells out! A mashup of Fortnite skins and the brand’s iconic shark design, this bag is an absolute must-have. For those of you that are a little older, or for whom the Fornite craze has passed you by completely, we present the daddy of all backpacks. From Versace Jeans Couture, the contemporary arm of the giant fashion house, comes the Linea Heritage Print Backpack, featuring an all-over decadent, opulent golden baroque design punctuated with branding in white and the logo in raised metal gold lettering on the front pocket. To declare to the world how much of a dedicated follower of fashion you are, say it with Versace, say it with this backpack!

Get the Sprayground Fornite Shark Royale Backpack here for £100.00

Get the Versace Jeans Couture Linea Heritage Print Backpack here for £175.00

The Formal Shoes

At some point in your academic career, you’ll need a decent pair of formal shoes. Whether you’re gearing up for graduation, a brand new teacher, a newly minted professor or a student starting a professional placement, you’d look seriously out of place with a scruffy pair of trainers! Relieve your shoe based worries with the Thomas Finley Black Leather Formal Shoes. A simple yet timeless design that will get you through any formal occasion with ease, the shoes are constructed from premium leather and are sure to be your go-to for many years to come. Or if you fancy something altogether more suave, more sexy, a little bit James Bond maybe, try the Valentino Velvet Go Logo Loafers. Feel like a billionaire wandering your estate in these luxurious slip-on shoes that are so smart people will be biting your arm off to know where you got them!

Get the Thomas Finley Black Leather Formal Shoes here for £90.00

Get the Valentino Velvet Go Logo Loafers here for £565.00

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