Are you looking for the perfect gym routine?

Are you struggling to find the perfect gym routine for you, not too sure where to start with going to the gym? If that’s so, in this blog we will be running you through some basic information for beginners so you can feel more comfortable while starting out and then we will also introduce you to a wide variety of training styles for cutting weight also known as “Shredding”, how to put weight on and get bigger also known as “Bulking”, then we will cover ways to stay fit & healthy in general from cardio to weightlifting.

Now that we are in 2018, looking good and “being in shape” is a highly discussed subject from school kids, teenagers/early 20’s to men and women in there 30s and above. We would like to stress that there is no age limit to staying fit or even starting. That’s what’s so perfect about starting in the first place, because as they say.. “once you start, you can’t stop”. We will also be referencing from everyday people just like you & me to some of the biggest fitness influencers within the Fitness Industry to give you a broad insight to where you start off and where you can end up.

.Starting Your Fitness Journey – Best Tips for Beginners.

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  • Get yourself to the gym! This is the biggest step of everyone’s journey and that is getting the confidence to get yourself down to your local gym. They can be a daunting place for people who have never been and you may have preconceptions of gym-goers. But, i cannot stress this enough – everything you think is not all true, of course you will get bigger guy’s in the gym than you, guy’s that are more “ripped” or “shredded” but this is where you need to remember they have been training for years and you are only just starting. You have to give it time & be persistent.
  •  Leave your EGO at the door! There is nothing worse than people who walk into the gym with their ego on 100 and think they are the best thing since sliced bread. This will not work in your favour, due to the fact that you are always learning no matter if you have been training for 1 week or 10 years, you will learn something new everyday. Another reason is that you will try to life heavier weights than you can handle to try show off or prove a point to people who are on the their own individual fitness journey, this will then lead to you either A: injuring yourself & B: not getting on with people in your own gym.  So, leave your ego at the door and enter the gym with an open mind and determination to want to get better.
  • Get a training plan in place before you start – Try to get some direction before you start, so you don’t enter “the den” also known as the gym blind sighted. Most gyms offer help with training & nutrition plans as soon as you join up so i would take full advantage of this if you are looking for extra help. Also, you can research this in your own time – you can find so much information on the internet it can be overwhelming but we will list a few people who we would recommend to follow if you need that extra motivation and tips. Our recommendations are Swench Gang which consists of a collective of real close friends from Birmingham that have worked their way from beginners to some of the most influential guy’s within the fitness industry within the UK right now! The main 4 of the group are as follows (Scott Swench, Troy Hemus, Shiro Miller & Theo Robinson).
  • Nobody cares what you look like! One of the biggest fears in people starting out & even people who have been attending gyms for a long period is that others are watching your every movement and judging you. This is not the case, nobody cares about what other people look like in the gym, everyone is their for the same reason and that is to better themselves through fitness.
  • Recovery – This is overlooked in so many articles and discussions you read online. You MUST recover and let your muscles repair themselves, let your body relax and get ready for the next hard session. We would recommend having 2 days off a week, this can be taking the weekends off to relax or you can use it during the week but just make sure you give yourself that down time!

     Find Yourself a Local Gym

    The next step is to find yourself a gym local to you, most towns within the UK have multiple gyms ranging from Commercial, Crossfit all the way to fully fledged Bodybuilding temples. You must pick the gym which you think will be the best fit for you, this is all down to personal preference so we can’t advise you on this too much. But, if you are local to the Hertfordshire area, then we would recommend the newly refurbished Rise Gym – which is based in Stevenage. You may of heard of this gym which was previously known as Pumped and it has been noticed as one of the best gym’s in Hertfordshire with a huge membership and big names within the Fitness Industry attending this gym to train or PT.

    Find Yourself a Reliable PT – Online Coach or Fitness Guide

    The key is to find yourself a reliable PT, Online Coach or Fitness Guide – this can be hard in this day and age with scams across social media so this is why we recommend people who you know from your local gym or a friend of a friend. This is why we use our good friend Aubrey who is a member at the newly renovated gym in Stevenage – Rise Gym. He is now a fully qualified PT & Nutritionist and if you would like his help, you can get in touch with him via Instagram – @iaubs_fitness and he will be more than happy to start your fitness journey with you.

     What Is Your Goal? | Bulking, Shredding or General Fitness

    (Imagery from @risegym Instagram Account – For Promotional Use Only)

If you’re looking to Bulk then we will pull from the most reliable sources and give you a routine which will help you on the road to gaining more size and building the muscle you want. We must clarify that you will need a good nutrition plan to aid in growing in size as you must consume more calories than you burn to put on weight. This can all be worked out by yourself but it can be a complicated progress if you are just beginning so i would advise asking the local PT’s that work at your gym to sort this for you or you can source fully qualified online PT’s such as @iaubs_fitness by dropping him a DM on instagram to get your journey started.

Workout for Bulking – Push, Pull & Leg Split | Monday, Wednesday & Friday

In this workout, it will be a split across three days so you will be working with Push, Pull & Leg split on the day of your choice but we recommend you follow the above as it is easier to follow. Just to give you a quick overview of how the workout will go on Monday (Push Day) you will be doing all of your pushing exercises such as Bench Press, Push-Ups, Triceps Extensions & Shoulders etc. Then on a Wednesday (Pull Day) you will doing movements from Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Barbell Curls etc. We would also advise to start out with a weight you feel comfortable with for the first few weeks until you get used to that specific weight, then move up a few KG each time. Small steps in the right direction is better than none at all!

(Push Day Routine Above from My ProteinClick Here to Read)

(Pull Day Routine Above from My ProteinClick Here to Read)

(Leg Day Routine Above from My ProteinClick Here to Read)

Tips for Shredding/Cutting –  | Mon (Full Body Workout), Tues (Cardio), Wed (Full Body Workout), Thurs (Cardio) & Friday (Full Body Workout) | (Weekends – Extra Cardio)

Now we have moved onto the most favored topic of weight training and fitness and that is “cutting/shredding”. We will run you through a typical way to loose that extra puppy fat you have on your body while trying to maintain as much muscle mass you can. Please note that you can work as hard as you like within the gym but if what you are eating and preparing in the kitchen doesn’t match up, you will not see the results you are working for. As they say it’s “80% diet, 20% working out” – As most people know to loose weight you must be in a calorie deficit which means you are burning more calories than you are consuming. This will also have to be worked out by a nutritionist or your local PT again as this gets complicated if it’s your first time trying to workout all the right numbers and adjustments. You can also source fully qualified online PT’s such as @iaubs_fitness by dropping him a DM on instagram to get your journey started like we stated previously.

5 things to remember when trying to loose weight:

  1. DO NOT drop your weight, keep the same weight or even heavier when trying to cut weight. We are trying to loose fat not muscle!
  2. You MUST be in a calorie deficit to loose weight – you will need to burn extra calories in the gym or cut calories from your food intake to be in a deficit
  3. Add more intensity and volume into your workout routine to keep you burning more calories i.e. less rest time between sets, supersets etc
  4. CARDIO – cardio is a must, but you must remember to switch it up otherwise it will get tedious so a few examples will follow (Boxing, Running, Rowing, Skipping, Shuttles etc)
  5. IMPROVE your nutrition drastically – Everyone always states that it’s 80% kitchen 20%gym but we believe you should be doing everything 100%!

Warm Up | Full Body Movements – (x10 reps for each)

  • Standing Arm Swing (Chest Fly)
  • Bent-Over Arm Swing (Bent over Fly)
  • Bodyweight Shoulder Press
  • Shoulder Stretch with Bar
  • Push Ups
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Jump Squats


Cardio is a necessary evil if you want to tip the scales toward burning more calories every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to endure long, boring sessions on a bike or treadmill.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is here to stay, for the simple reason that it works. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity compared young women who did steady-state cardio for 40 minutes to those who completed just 20 minutes of HIIT training. After doing the exercises three times a week for 15 weeks, members of the HIIT group lost a significantly greater amount of body weight and body fat compared to the steady-state group.

(Original Reference from | Get Ripped: Your Guide to Get Shredded – Click Here to Read)

(Video from Scott Swench Swench Gang | YouTube Channel – For Promotional Use Only)

Disclaimer: We are not professionals and we are not trying to sell you on the fitness world, this is just general advice we have acquired over our own personal fitness journeys which we are trying to pass onto you for extra guidance and help. Also, information has been pulled from reliable sources to make up the blog from stats to the workouts.

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