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If the answer to our question is “Yes” then this blog will be perfect for you as we are going to be covering one of the most iconic creative thinkers of our generation. This man has worked with legendary brands from Von Dutch, Ed Hardy to being Kanye West’s design collaborator for his fashion brands that have been launched and ones that never made it to our shelves. The talented creative and free thinker that we are going to be discussing is the man named Tracey Mills.

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.From LA to The Top of Fashion.

(All Imagery from Tracey Mills Instagram – @godsmessenger | Personal Account for Promotional Use Only)

Tracey’s story is one of the greatest we’ve ever heard due to how he overcome the trials and tribulations of his early life abuse within his household. His mother and father split when he was only young and he moved to Chicago with his Mother until the age of 10/11 until he was returned back to his father in LA where he was abused mentally and physically.

Throughout his teen years is where he suffered the most, he would take his anger out in the streets of LA or playing basketball on the local courts where he could talk and be ruthless. This carried on until he reached age 17 when he was in the situation involving his father and Tracey stated that he had a spiritual presence help him overcome the abuse and made him fearless which is when he took back the power and began his journey to self recover and become in-love with himself again which he calls re-programming.

Having beat his problems from the past and re-programmed himself throughout the years of age 17-25 he was then able to rebuild his life. Tracey was able to breakout and become a true representation of himself which then led him to become friends with some of the biggest artists within the industry throughout the 90s and early 2000s. He makes sure that the public know that each of his relations are organic and not forced which is one of the things we admire about him so much.

He was able to get a foot in with these people due to his brother’s (Chris Mills) success within the NBA and being the shining star from Los Angeles from a young age being number 1 in the nation, so when they would come to LA they would check in with Tracey due to him being a genuine soul and the real deal as well as being the fashion forward guy with connects to brands that no-one knew about and he was able to put alot of people onto a new wave before they even knew it was coming.

 .Foot In The Fashion Industry.

(All Imagery from Tracey Mills Instagram – @godsmessenger | Personal Account for Promotional Use Only)

As we stated above, Tracey was on his own journey which led him to having a passion to try and find the next best thing before anyone else which led him to Von Dutch. He was first introduced to the brand via his “music uncle” Breyon Prescott who is Jamie Foxx’s manager and connected with other artists within the industry. Tracey started to take all of his friends to the Store which were influential celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Puff Daddy plus many more names but we don’t want to drop too many!

With Tracey bringing all of these high profiled people to the Store, the new designer at the time took an interest and wanted to know who the kid with all of these connections was and how he come to know everyone. That man being Christian Audigier who offered Mills a job at a time he didn’t know what he was going to do with himself.

He was utilizing his relationships with all of his influential relationships to help build the brand from being a niche design to reach inner-city stores and public which intern helped grow the business to new heights. He was also helping at Ed Hardy with Christian but he couldn’t get his ideas out and created due to the brand being a well oiled machine already and Mills stated that he didn’t want to be the wrench that slowed the operation down.

.Becoming Kanye West’s Fashion Collaborator.

Mills always states that Ye gave him the platform and voice to be able to convey the thoughts and ideas in his head and bring them to life. He first met Kanye when he was looking to start his high-end ready to wear women’s brand which was called “Kanye West” where they showed their first collection in Paris with the help of iconic fashion journalist & editor, Anna Wintour.

.Visitor On Earth – RE | PROGRAM.

Since working with Kanye, Mills has also taken on his own brand journey with “Visitor On Earth”. The name comes from him understanding the purpose for the brand and recognizing he’s not from this planet and we are all visitors on this earth. He is now working and collaborating with already established brands such as iconic sports brands like Russell Athletics which Mills grew up seeing so he wanted to use this as a base for his velour tracksuits and t-shirts which touch on social topics from Racism, Leaders of The New School etc.

Tracey always portrays the importance of his brand explaining it as an extension of himself, where he uses it as a message to convey what he stands for and to try a message anyone that follows his brand & believes in what he is doing.

(Video from HIGHSNOBIETY – Tracey Mills Talks Visitor On Earth etc | Click Here to Watch)

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