All You Need To Know Guide | Halloween & Bonfire Night

.All You Need To Know Guide for Halloween & Bonfire Night.

(Halloween – 31st October | Fireworks Night – 5th November)

.Bonfire Night.

Remember remember the fifth of November!

Bonfire night is held every year in the UK on the fifth of November also known as fireworks night or Guy Fawkes night. It is a British tradition, dating back to the gun powder plot of 1605, when catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of parliament and King James I. Many people light bonfires and set off fireworks on this day. Sparkles are used on this day and can be brought in some supermarkets or a firework store. Counties around Britain organised and hold professional firework displays, some are free and some are at a price to enter. These tend to be very popular amongst families and groups and many locations provide food and drinks stalls, fairground rides and games making for an eventful evening out. Due to its proximity to Halloween, people do often combine the two events and create a party.

If you’re in the UK and would like to see where your nearest firework display is due to take place, simply follow the link provided below where you are can search firework display and your location and it will provide all the relevant details including the start time and if the event requires a small entrance fee.

Again, if you are planning on venturing out to watch a local firework display it is important you’re warm. With the choice of several different style coats available here at Brother2Brother, it’s possible to have a jacket for every occasion. From the popular The New Designer bomber Jackets, AMI Paris track tops, hooded and non hooded C.P. Company Jackets to even the classic blue denim, we supply a range of items suitable for any male, any age. Now that winter is amongst us, accessories are ideal and of course can complete an outfit. Hats, scarves, gloves and boots are popular winter accessories. Shop our accessories and purchase a number of different items which you think are suitable.


Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays, it is still celebrated today in a number of countries around the globe. Every year Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. Back in the 1700’s, people believed it was the time when ghosts and spirits came out to haunt, they would then appease the spirits by giving them treats. Fast forward 3,000 years or so, Halloween activities today include, treat or treating, attending costume parties, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, playing games and pulling pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

No matter what age you may be, male or female everyone loves a good pumpkin carve, grab your tools and of course the pumpkin and see which design or scary face you can create. You can search online many different ideas and trust me there a lot, some rather impressive. Halloween is very big in the United States and Canada and you may have seen pumpkin patches they attend, this is where you visit and choose from hundreds of different sizes, colours and shapes yourself, this is the perfect day out for families with small children. The UK have never really had such a place where this is available, a quick trip to our supermarkets do the trick. Having said that, a local pumpkin farm has recently opened up in Hertfordshire which is very close to us here at Brother2Brother, as part of a pop up farm company, for the entire month of October you are able to visit and wheelbarrow your pumpkins to the checkout. We have a feeling you could be seeing more of these around next year. Due to the typical English wet summer we experienced this year there are plenty of huge pumpkins available.

Want to know how to crave a pumpkin? Here is a quick and easy guide on how to do so. It can sometimes be tricky, although it is made up of just four steps:

  1. Choose a pumpkin and use a sharp serrated knife to cut off the crown, this will go on to be your lid.
  2. Using a large serving spoon or scoop out the seeds and fibers and discard. This may take some time.
  3. With a marker pen, draw your outline of your design on the pumpkin. With your next tool use the outline to cut out the design.
  4. Once you’re happy with your pumpkin, pop a tea light inside and see your final design glow.

Another main activities associated with Halloween is Trick-or-Treating, is a Halloween custom for children, in many countries children in costumes travel house to house asking for treats, with the phrase known as trick or treat, the ‘treat’ is usually sweets or chocolate although many years before money was used instead. Now the weather is becoming colder and the nights darker, those of you (the dads) who will be the chaperone for the evening, whilst the youngest dress up and scare your neighbours for sweets, its a good idea to wear something you know will keep you warm. Take a look at our winter wardrobe online, which is made up with our knitted jumpers, sweatshirts, long sleeved t-shirts and of course the coats and jackets. Each brand we have here, provides both thin and thicker jackets allowing you to purchase the ideal one for yourself.

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