8 Moncler Palm Angels // Spread your wings

Moncler Palm Angels. 3 people wearing jackets

If the name Francesco Ragazzi is not one you recognise, then you have a lot of catching up to do.

Art director, photographer, stylist and founder of Palm Angels, the Milan born fashion powerhouse is turning heads. A collaboration with Moncler, one of the industries most established and highly regarded brands, should say it all.

Moncler Palm Angels Red Gilet

Ragazzi’s intuitive understanding of American style and culture is so realised that he bends the rules in all the right ways.

With the roots of Palm Angels in his photographic documentation of L.A skater culture in 2011, culminating in a book of the same name in 2014, it’s not difficult to see how much fringe culture influences Ragazzi, and his love of turning brand and seasonal codes on their head.

explains the designer, and by looking at the offerings of the collection, he really has set out what he aimed to achieve. It evades any real categorisation – it’s camo and cowboy hats, it’s a Hawaiian print long coat, it’s knitwear and Moonboots, and it’s perfect.

“I want to give a feeling of entering a vintage store with different inspirations. It’s a mix of themes and worlds,”

Moncler Palm Angels Blue jacket
Moncler Palm Angels Green jacket

It’s refreshing to see a collection that embodies its own ideas so eloquently – how better to communicate the feeling of the endlessly exciting trawl through vintage and retro wear, than by having a collection that seems to have one of everything?

It screams individuality and does not fall into the trap of letting their goals supersede those of their wearers.

From what we’ve seen from the collections lineup and all-important promotional imagery, we’re left with a lot to be excited for.

Yet it serves as a reminder that while Palm Angels might be the leader, Moncler owns the show. 8 Moncler Palm Angels strikes the balance between an unwavering creative vision, and the on-brand Moncler sleekness that we’ve come to expect. Even the custom Moncler x Palm angels emblem has the air of an established fashion house, mixed with the playful genre-bending of a boundary pushing designer.

Moncler nods to their beginnings with a wide selection of puffer jackets, all of which tend to contextualise the notion of a puffer in the first place. Some sleeveless, all donning the proud palm tree emblem, stitched on over the flowing, almost psychedelic rows of quilting.

Moncler Palm Angels Red jacket with palm print

The alternate, more vintage badge, with Moncler’s ever stylish logo, ascending with the wings of Palm Angels, perhaps encapsulates the aura of this collection best. An assortment of American cultures, coast to coast, encapsulating decades in one contemporary moment, all crammed into a collection of garments that elicit the feeling of finding a once in a lifetime gem on a vintage rail.

Moncler Palm Angels black t-shirt
Moncler Palm Angels black t-shirt