8 Eye-Catching Shirts To Rock At Festive Parties

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s festive party season and even the most skilled introvert will struggle to avoid being dragged out to at least one party this Christmas time! With the champagne and good cheer flowing it’s important to remember to dress to impress, especially with Santa watching. After all, you don’t want to end up on the naughty list for the fashion faux pas of wearing the same shirt to multiple events! Whether you’re looking to turn heads, be remembered or want to look sharp and sophisticated, we’ve got you covered with our 8 favourite eye-catching shirts that will be sure to bring the house down at your next Christmas or New Year party.

Polo Ralph Lauren – Pink Striped Shirt

This bright pastel offering from Polo Ralph Lauren incorporates a striped design showcasing bright shades of blue, yellow and pink punctuated with grey and white. Sure to make you stand out amongst a sea of red and green, this classic design oozes timeless elegance and could easily be recycled as a work shirt once the festive season is over. Budget-friendly and versatile, this is the perfect shirt for the reluctant partygoer who still wants to make an effort.

Get the Polo Ralph Lauren Pink Striped Shirt here for £76.00


Versace – Multi Medusa Print Shirt

It is said that the Greeks were famous for their parties so you’re sure to be the life of the party in this! Versace never fails to bring us bold patterns and high drama, and this shirt, from their latest Autumn/Winter collection, is so extravagant it might just turn people to stone if they look too closely. A stunning navy blue provides the backdrop for the fascinating Medusa graphic pattern. Quirky and interesting, this 100% cotton shirt will not fail to turn heads.

Get the Versace Multi Medusa Print Shirt here for £555.00


Kenzo – White Embroidered Dragon Shirt

Crisp, bright, white perfection with a touch of golden magic. This slim-fit, 100% cotton shirt from Kenzo combines simplicity with a statement. This stylish shirt features two dragons skillfully embroidered in gold and red on the chest for that standout factor. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, this shirt could be the perfect choice of outfit to join in the festivities.

Get the Kenzo White Embroidered Dragon Shirt here for £170.00


Blood Brother – White Save Me Shirt

From their Spring/Summer ‘18 collection entitled Login, this shirt from Blood Brothers is a perfect choice for those who need to be rescued from social situations. Only kidding, but the bold ‘Save Me’ print in shiny black on the front of this crisp, white, cotton shirt really pops and screams of Blood Brothers’ signature streetwear mixed with high fashion style. If you like making a statement but also secretly dread parties and always want someone to rescue you, this is the shirt for you.

Get the Blood Brothers White Save Me Shirt here for £97.00


Givenchy – Check Star Print Shirt

This classic checked shirt in a festive red from luxury designer Givenchy has a touch of the Old West about it. This 100% cotton shirt features a tight checked design made up of black, white and dark red. The stand out feature of this shirt is the four white stars on either side of each collar. If you’re a huge fan of a western and always fancied yourself a cowboy, but you don’t want to flaunt it, this shirt could provide you with the perfect combination of festive and frontiersman!

Get the Givenchy Check Star Print Shirt here for £460.00


PS Paul Smith – Black Torn Floral Print Short Sleeve Shirt

It’s important not to forget that not everyone spends their Christmas here in the freezing UK. For those lucky fellas who are jetting off somewhere exotic for the holidays, it was imperative to include a couple of short-sleeved numbers. Enter Paul Smith. The ‘torn’ floral print gives a feel of Hawaii with an edge, and the almost clashing colours make this shirt a little gaudy, which is what Christmas is all about. If you’re planning on spending Christmas on the beach with a cocktail in hand, make sure to pack this to make a splash at the luau!

Get the PS Paul Smith Black Torn Floral Print Short Sleeve Shirt here for £93.00


Versace – Black/Gold Hibiscus Print Short Sleeve Shirt

Another offering from Versace that is perfect for New Years Eve! This black shirt is made of delicate Viscose and features an enormous golden hibiscus design on the back, complete with the brand name emblazoned in white. The print is said to represent constant evolution, and what better time to wear it than at the close of an old year and beginning of a new one! Ostentatious and bright, this shirt is for those who live loud and proud and who have the bank balance to match.

Get the Versace Black/Gold Hibiscus Print Short Sleeve Shirt here for £530.00


Billionaire Boys Club – Brown Quilted Check Shirt

Perfect if you’re attending any outdoor events this Christmas, this quilted shirt from Billionaire Boys Club is offered in a beautiful mix of brown and caramel colours and made from a wool and polyester blend for the ultimate warmth and comfort. The design also features the brand’s trademark astronaut artwork screen printed onto the arms and the chest. Perfect for those who don’t like to sacrifice warmth for style!

Get the Billionaire Boys Club Brown Quilted Check Shirt here for £350.00

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