3 Ways To Style A Shirt

Shirts have been the staple of men’s fashion for as long as we can remember. From traditional 3 piece suits to professional office attire to casual short sleeves and shorts on holiday, shirts have remained irreplaceable. Their evolution in the fashion world has given modern brands a lot of wiggle room to come up with innovative and bold designs for new lines. Iconic styles from past decades are resurfacing with a fresh twist. We’ve pulled together our top 3 looks from current fashion trends to show you how to style your shirts.

50s Vintage

Black/Red Poppy Casual Shirt
Code: 18990-BLACK/RED
White GRFTR Monogram Trainers
Code: 18637-White Mono

If you’ve seen the famous 1978 classic, Grease, you’ll understand why some parts of 50s fashion never died. It defined an era of casual apparel. If your tee is too big, no worries – tuck it in. If your jeans are too long, no problem – fold them up.

In the modern twist on 50s vintage, tees have been swapped out for short sleeve print shirts, like these stand out pieces from Paul Smith and Ami Paris. Paired with blue jeans, the overall look gives you way more style than any plain jeans and t-shirt combo. To keep your new aesthetic current, check out Mallet Footwear. Our favourite are the White GRFTR Monogram Trainers. Mallet is at the top of its game right now. These shoes are guaranteed to modernise your 50s ensemble, with the ankle height plus branded heel clip being perfect for turned up jeans.

Slick & Smart

White Pascal Painting L/S Shirt
Code: 19386-White
Brown Suede Chelsea Boot
Code: 19822-Tobacco
Black J06 Slim Fit Chinos
Code: 10057- Black
V Logo Belt
Code: 15642-BROWN
Now £177

This is a classic look for the modern businessman – sleek, simple and matched with a seasonal shirt that offers an extra aspect to the ensemble. This White Shirt from Off-White features a Pascal painting across the chest that makes it an incredibly unique piece of clothing. Suitable for the office or a night out, you can’t go wrong.

The brown boot/ brown belt combo is a long-standing tradition in men’s fashion. We’re recommending Axel Arigato‘s Brown Suede Chelsea Boots paired with a Valentino Belt. Both made using the highest quality materials, these will stand the test of time and always be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

90s Grunge

Azat Mard‘s new lumberjack inspired collection is perfect for creating a designer take on 90s grunge. Characterised by distressed jeans and checked shirts, this look never really went out of fashion. The brand’s Pink/Black Tie-Dye Shirt is a great example of bolder colours and designs being brought in to mix up old styles.

Check out DSquared2‘s new men’s jewellery line for the ideal accessories to complete your look.

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