November 2019

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Brother2Brother’s Christmas Gift Guide

The bells are ringing, Mariah is blasting from every speaker, and Buck’s Fizz is being consumed by the gallon. The festive season must be here! Which means that Christmas shopping is also upon us. The most challenging part of any festive season, undoubtedly, is choosing the right gifts for your family and significant others. What should you buy? How can you be sure what you’re buying is quality? Brother2Brother is here to help! We’ve got a brand new gifts section, and it’s here to help you buy the very best... Read More


Brand Spotlight: Palm Angels

The skate-inspired brand Palm Angels is a new kid on the block. In the early 2010s, Moncler’s art director, Francesco Ragazzi, began a momentous project. Touring the LA skating scene, Ragazzi shot a series of black-and-white photographs, which he subsequently compiled into a coffee table book. Through the book, Ragazzi claimed, he wanted to “reinterpret the world of skaters”, transforming it from “a bit grunge, a bit cheap”, into “a form of art.” The buzz that his book, and its foreword penned by Pharrell Williams, generated on its publishing in... Read More


Brand Spotlight: Balmain

Balmain is a luxury French fashion house, founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. Born to fashion, Balmain’s father owned a drapery business, and his mother and sister owned a fashion boutique, where Balmain often worked after his father’s death in 1921. After the close of World War II, Balmain went on to become “a king of French fashion”, known for his sophistication and elegance, and preference for modest and simple designs, in opposition to the flashy or the ornamental. Once describing dressmaking as “the architecture of movement”, Balmain famously designed... Read More

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7 Jackets for Wintery Walks

Picture the scene: you and your family are gathered, bellies bursting from Christmas dinner, enjoying the very best of Christmas Day TV when a member of your family (it’s always the same one) makes the dreaded suggestion. The Christmas Day walk! For some, a jaunt through the wintery wonderland outside is the perfect addition to an otherwise lazy and treat-filled Christmas. For others, it’s a freezing gauntlet that they’d rather submerge themselves in goose fat than endure. And, despite all of your protestations, the Christmas spirit gets you off your... Read More

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8 Scarves and Hats to Fight the Frost

The ground is carpeted with fallen leaves, the air is brisk, and the wind has an icy bite. Once again, the winter months are closing in, and it’s time to lock away your t-shirts and your shorts, fling off your flip-flops and sandals, and wrap up warm. Winter is a season of many staples; jackets, woolly jumpers, and maybe even thermal underwear. But it’s the little things that count. This winter, it’s essential to close up those gaps in your ice-proof armour with sometimes overlooked, but fundamental accoutrements. When walks... Read More

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7 Cosy Winter Jumpers For Chilly Days

With bonfire night behind us and the threat of Christmas music looming on the airwaves, the cosy season has officially arrived! Whether you’re hard as nails and can still walk around in the sub-ten-degree temperatures without a coat, or you’ve been wrapped up in a scarf since September, nobody can deny how nice it is to chill out in a warm, fluffy jumper and let all life’s worries melt away! In that spirit, we’ve gathered together 7 of our favourite knitted jumpers currently available here on Brother2Brother, and as always... Read More