April 2018


Are you looking for the perfect gym routine?

Are you struggling to find the perfect gym routine for you, not too sure where to start with going to the gym? If that’s so, in this blog we will be running you through some basic information for beginners so you can feel more comfortable while starting out and then we will also introduce you to a wide variety of training styles for cutting weight also known as “Shredding”, how to put weight on and get bigger also known as “Bulking”, then we will cover ways to stay fit &... Read More


What’s your perfect holiday?

There are many different holiday types available. A holiday doesn’t necessarily mean laying by the pool, for some people they prefer a more active and adventurous concept for an adventure for example backpacking. You can travel any time of year, with certain destinations providing a better experience at different times. The types of holidays which are very popular include city breaks, family holidays, party holidays, and even specific nights away for just adults. In this blog I am going to cover a few main holiday types and destinations people visit,... Read More


Are you struggling with Male Grooming?

Male Grooming Blogs: Fashion Beans Grooming | Mankind Grooming | The Trend Spotter Grooming Above Imagery from Menspire Salon – For Promotional Use Only – Instagram: @menspiresalon In this blog, we will be giving you some of the answers that we have acquired from our male employees within the Brother2Brother HQ. By doing it this way, our research is based on regular men which are working in an office environment mixing with all departments from our Buying Team, Head of Social Media to our Customer Service department. Are you struggling with... Read More


Is your diet summer ready?

The ‘Beast from the East’ has departed and the sunshine has returned… must be nearly summer, right? It’s at this time of year our attention turns to holidays and trips to the beach, prompting the question…  “Is my diet summer ready?” Don’t fret! In this article we’ll be exploring one of the most popular diets, which has become phenomenon!  We’ll also give you a bite sized round up of some of the best diet documentaries recently broadcast, including those from the world renowned Dr. Michael Mosley! Dr. Michael Mosley Facebook:... Read More