January 2018


Liverpool to Milan | Male Model – Christian ‘Arno’ Williams

.Christian Arno – Male Model. (Height: 6′ 2” / 188 | Chest: 40” / 101 | Waist: 32” – 81 | Shoe: 10 – 44.5 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue/Green) Instagram: @christian_arno | Select Model Management: Christian Arno | Model Agency: .About Christian. Christian’s modelling experience started as a shirtless greeter on the door of Liverpool’s Hollister Store, but he has come along way from greeting customers on a door to being a model which has since taken him around world.. plus going on a date with Donatella Versace. The 24-year-old from Wirral later modelled for the Italian designer’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection in his first menswear season. In... Read More


Original Italian Sportswear | Fila

.From Italy to Tennis, Casuals & Hip-Hop | Fila’s Evolution within the Fashion Industry. Instagram: @filauk | Instagram: @filausa | Facebook: @FilaStyle .Brand Heritage – From Italy to Tennis, Casuals & Hip-Hop. The Fila brand name has over one hundred years of legacy, when it began in 1911, when two Italian brothers ‘The Filas’ created the company as an underwear manufacturer. The first Fila shop was opened in 1911 in Biella, a small town in the foothills of Northern Italy, back then they had no idea how far their legacy... Read More


The Evolution of David Beckham OBE

.The Evolution of David Beckham. Instagram: @davidbeckham | Facebook: @Beckham | YouTube: David Beckham David Robert Joseph Beckham (OBE) who is a now retired legendary professional football player who’s career has spanned over the past 20+ years while winning 19 major trophies in this team. He has captained and played for the biggest clubs in the world from the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and of course representing his beloved England National Team. He has been in the Football Hall of Fame for the past 9, coming up to 10 years which... Read More


Return of BBC | Billionaire Boys Club

.Billionaire Boys Club. Instagram: @bbcicecream | Facebook: @BillionaireBoysClubIceCream | Tumblr: Originally established in 2005 by successful music artist Pharrell Williams and founder of clothing label Bape, Nigo. Together they produced the popular clothing line Billionaire Boys Club. Often associated with their exclusive pieces along with quirky prints and the brands well known astronaut figure logo. Along with their sister brand Ice Cream both were initially supposed to be a joint partnership with Reebok however due to the clothing being manufactured in Japan, Reebok decided to instead concentrate on just trainers.... Read More


Instagram’s Top 3 Fashion Couples

Instagram’s Top 3 Fashion Couples   .Josh Beaupain & Sandra Shehab. Instagram: @joshbeaupain | Instagram: @missshehab We don’t know too much about this couple, only what we see on the surface and that we can appreciate! Josh & Sandra are one of the couple’s you see on Instagram and wish you lived the life they do. Just by flicking through their social media’s, we can see that Mr Beaupain seems like a very successful businessman and can suit up better than the best of them. When it comes to Sandra,... Read More


Classic Italian Sportswear | Kappa

.Italian Sportswear – Kappa. Instagram: @kappa_official | Twitter: @kappaitalia | Brother2Brother – Kappa Kappa is a clothing brand which was created in 1916 in the Italian city of Turin, it was founded to be a sock and underwear brand before casual clothing was introduced at around the end of the 1960’s. Kappa was created as a sub-brand of the Aquila brand as a result of a production problem that has caused a loss in sales, the product problem was eventually fixed and all new items were given a new logo... Read More


Male Model | O’Shea Robertson

.O’Shea Robertson. Instagram: @oshearobertson | Twitter: @OhGodOshea | Select Model Management: O’Shea Robertson .About O’S.R. Born in Middlesex, England O’Shea Robertson is a British model that has made a career for himself over the last seven years. At just seventeen, O’Shea was travelling home on the bus when Ash Styment also a model, approached him and took it upon himself to pass on a business card for Select Model Management, which he was also signed to. Having taken Ash’s advice, O’Shea had an amazing AW11 show season, he booked many... Read More


Top 3 Stylish Men of 2017

.Top 3 Stylish Men of 2017. (Instagram: @jakehall | Instagram: davidgandy_official | Instagram: @regyates) In this Blog, we are going to run you through our Top 3 Stylish Men of 2017 as we have been following these three on all their recent projects and journeys within Fashion, Modelling & TV. As we can all see, these 3 men have their own individual styles but keep it classic, clean with a splash of new school design. The list below will be in now particular order as we admire all of these... Read More


2 Sides of The Same Man | Aaron Gatward & Aaron Unknown

.2 Sides of The Same Man. Instagram: @aaronunknown | Select Model Management: Aaron “Uknown” Gatward | Unknown Records Since he first got signed to Select Model Management in 2013, Aaron has been the face of campaigns for some of the biggest fashion houses around the world from Dior Homme and Givenchy to walking the catwalk for Hermes, Dolce & Gabanna, Giorgio Armani, Versace and Etro. Coming straight from the manor that is South London, he is also making a name for himself on the music scene in a big way... Read More


Dutch Lion | Memphis Depay

.Dutch Lion – Memphis Depay. Instagram: @memphisdepay | Facebook: memphisdepayofficial | YouTube: Memphis Depay .Style of Play. Early in his career, a PSV coach noted Depay as “very angry”, and he now uses a life coach to aid his mentality. In April 2015, The Daily Telegraph described Depay as “a fearsome striker of the ball with his right-foot but is usually used an as inverted left winger who cuts onto his right foot. A pacey and tricky player, his direct running makes him a difficult opponent for defenders”. However, they criticised him as “a ball-hog”, pointing out his... Read More