October 2016


Fashion Forward Faces

Fashion Forward Faces is a collective of Famous Faces (Celebrities, Sports Personalities, Artists, Comedians etc) that us here at Brother2Brother have put together as our main fashion icons of this generation. As general consumers we look up to the male’s in the limelight for the latest trends, styles and which brands are hot at the moment, by doing so we go out and purchase similar or the exact item of clothing they are wearing when you see them. We personally feel that having celebrities wearing designers clothing, promoting brands, collaborating... Read More


Brand Focus: AMI Paris

At Brother2Brother, not only do we pride ourselves on stocking heritage and well known established brands that are recognised the world over, we also enjoy championing lesser known brands. The Brand Alexandre Mattiussi (AMI Paris) is a new contemporary brand from Paris, France which was founded in 2011. AMI brings a new smart, contemporary overhaul to menswear with both casual and high-end catwalk pieces in their collections. Showing the authenticity of the brand and the impact it’s had within men’s fashion in such a short space of time, Alexandre was... Read More

Life Hacks: How To Layer

Not only does layering your clothes provide a practical element of being able to cool down by peeling back the layer, or building warmth with an extra piece of clothing, it also looks pretty cool! At Brother2Brother we have some tricks up our sleeve to help you achieve the laidback look. Firstly it’s important to invest in some reliable layering pieces which can be called upon when you need the perfect base layer or outerwear option. A couple of plain cotton t-shirts make for an ideal first layer to build... Read More


The Secret To Male Grooming

Male Grooming is not a common phrase used much among the men of this generation, so us here at Brother2Brother are going to be bringing the ‘Secret To Male Grooming Guide’ for males of all ages and generation. There is no shame in looking after what you have already been blessed with from birth, but there are ways of making yourself a better version of YOU. This is what we are going to be running through from Men’s Fashion, Trending & Classic Haircuts, Updating Your Signature Scent plus many more.... Read More


The Sunday Sundown: Is SUNDAY The Best Day Of The Week?

SUNDAY.. could this possibly be the best day of the week? Here at Brother2Brother have just a few reasons to back this statement up! Follow us through the blog for an insight into why we think Sunday FUNday is why we look forward to the weekend. We will run you through photographs, activities, lists & ideas to help you boost your day with family and friends. Also for those who work weekends that maybe reading this, we have a couple of reasons that Sunday can also be your best day at... Read More


Films You Need To Watch This Halloween

Here at Brother2Brother, we are going to run down the best five Horror, Scary or Halloween films you need to watch this year. We have a feeling this year is going to be more spooky than ever, especially with the weather turning colder than usual, autumn has now set in and the clown craze is on top form as of now. So why not get prepared, go rent or buy the following movies for the 31st of this month. Make sure you make the setting right, close all curtains and... Read More


GYMspiration – Health is Wealth

It all starts with your mental ability to convince yourself you are ready for the commitment to achieving a healthy life. Once you have this mindset you are now ready to start working on a healthy body, which is just about getting you in shape as it is important to get physically fit. After you have the previous two down packed your life will become a happier place without even realising. This blog is going to be based on our GYMspirations from the UK. Introducing Brother2Brother’s – GYMspirations: @TeamSwench | @Scott_Swench & @_shii... Read More