May 2016


The Festival Countdown

If you are feeling as depressed as us with the stop start to our summer this year then fear not as we aim to transfer you and your thoughts away to a muddy field somewhere in the centre of england. We as Brits seem to have a certain affinity with camping for days on end in amongst a never ending mass of brightly coloured tents drinking warm lager. Sometimes I do wonder what it is about festivals that we love so much, until that is when I actually go to... Read More

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Lean For The Summer

Summer arriving is considered a positive thing. The days last longer, it gets hotter, and most people are generally happier. However one thing that (reasonably!) goes hand in hand with warm weather is fewer clothes. Whether you’re spending time at the beach or just dressing down to keep cool on a casual day out, chances are you’ll be showing off far more of your body than you would be in a winter coat or jumper. If summer brings with it a familiar feeling of dread at the thought of getting... Read More