October 2015

Brother2Brother’s Fantasy Team

With the football season heating up and the premiership certainly looking interesting in the form of recent scores, at Brother2Brother we’ve turned our attention to the fantasy side. We’ve used data taken from Fantasy Premier League, one of the UK’s most popular, to aid you in finding the perfect players for your team to increase your chances of winning.  

A new era? or a false alarm..

Over the past years we have seen a lot of classic fits & styles resurface with a modern twist, from military to animal & floral prints… They’re all timeless due to their neutral colours and look, but take the new Kanye West Yeezy Season 1 & 2 as an example, along with the new yeezy boosts,  it has certainly raised a few eyebrows and the critics were not afraid to voice their opinion. All though Kanye has used factors of a military style with neutral colours, the clothing itself represents the whole point... Read More