June 2015

The Very Best of UK Festivals

With summer hopefully well and truly on its way it only means one thing, the festival season will soon be kicking off with a bang! We’ve taken a look at the very best music festivals the British summer has to offer, and judging by previous years weather – what you should add to your stock of festival fashion!   Bestival Rob Da Bank’s Bestival or ‘Camp Bestival’ is easily one of the most exciting festivals around. Taking place on the Isle of Wight on 10th-13th September, this festival is just... Read More

5 Films That Predicted The Future of Fashion

Films set in the future, mainly sci-fi genres had a way of predicting what future fashion would look like. With the time most of these films were set quickly approaching, we’re taking a look at 5 of the best/worst predictions. Of course some of the fashion we would have loved, but looking at films dating back to the sci-fi of the 70’s – we’re glad we avoided the silver tin foil look! Brazil – Dystopian Future Terry Gilliam’s 185 crazy futuristic film set in a dystopian future features everything weird... Read More

London Collections Men: A Front Seat Invite Into LCM through B2B’s Eyes

London Collections Men: A Front Seat Invite Into #LCM through Brother2Brother’s Eyes! As an Independent Designer Retailers we are ecstatic every time we get personally invited by some of the brands that we sell & some of the brands we would like to sell in the near future. We had tons of Invites coming through the post and we made sure that Brother2Brother made an effort to get to as many of the Shows/Catwalks & Showrooms as we managed to. A few of the following brands are some of the... Read More

Simple Steps: For the Best British BBQ in Style

Simple Steps: For the Best British BBQ in Style British Summertime comes around quicker than than the London Underground. So you must be ready for all occasions when it does finally hit June! If you’re struggling to find out the medium between.. Casual or Smart? Then we have a few simple steps on how to mix the both together for Night & Day.  – Video Courtesy of Budweiser King of BBQs | Bud & BBQ | Budweiser UK – 1. Short-Sleeved Shirts Yes, we know what you’re all thinking Short-Sleeved Shirts... Read More

Summer.. Summer.. Summer Time☀

“Break to your crib change your clothes once more, cause you’re invited to a BBQ starting at 4..”  Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Summertime This blog is a short insight in what to Wear during Summer, what Music to listen to on these Sunny days or what Foods to eat when your on the go out in the Sun. Whether you’re going to the Local Sea Side in your area or going abroad to an exotic country these tips will be handy in either situation. What To Wear? The perfect... Read More

It’s Fathers Day – “Don’t Tell Mum”

    Happy Fathers Day Father’s Day (21st, June) which is just around the corner is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Men are Role Models in their Children’s lives and in others, we must keep this going and be Hero’s in your kids eyes. Other than the UK many other countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, though it is also celebrated widely on other days by many other countries. 21st of June is creeping up fast so... Read More