Style In The Sun: The only 5 items you’ll need for going on holiday

Wondering what items to pack for going on holiday can be a difficult task but not to worry, us here at Brother 2 Brother have got you covered. Have a look at these 5 absolutely essential items for any holiday wardrobe. The Bag When going on holiday it's important to have something to carry of all your things with you that still looks tylish. This plack Armani laptop bag is great for carrying almost anything (honestly, not even just a laptop) and I'll be honest looks pretty boss. The Jacket... Read More

Men’s Big Fashion Trends for 2014: Colour

At the first signs of sunshine, we're outside, lighting the barbecues and pulling out our high summer wardrobes. After all we've slogged our way through a long winter and earned our right to don brighter colours and lighter garments. Colour segmentation is a huge trend for the warmer months whether it be through block colour or wearing pieces with multi-coloured sections and detailing.   We take a look at how you can capture this huge trend in your wardrobe: Bright and Bold The key thing to getting this trend right... Read More

A Guide to Male Grooming: Festivals

The pictures and videos from American festival Coachella have got us in the mood for summer and the festivals it brings here at Brother2Brother. As festivals have grown in popularity we have learned that fashion now pays a huge role in the season with trends and outfits solely dedicated to your weekend away. But with festivals comes great responsibility. No longer is it acceptable to look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards by day two. You need to remain clean, stylish and looking good right up until the... Read More

Five Summer Fashion Mistakes Solved

Over the past few days we've been getting reports that a heatwave is on its way and with Easter around the corner and many of us jetting off to sunnier climates, we thought it was a great time to expose those styling misdemeanours and save men everywhere from embarrassment.   You might think we've jumped the gun a bit but us Brits seem to think that when the sun shines it's appropriate to wear as little as physically possible. You can still look cool and be cool by putting the... Read More

Iconic Menswear: The Jumper

The jumper is one of men's favoured items of clothing for two reasons: the first is because it's seasonless meaning you can reach for one at any time of the year and look good. The second is because no matter what body shape or size you are, a jumper can be incorporated into your wardrobe extremely easily and can be used to give other items you own a stylish edge.     There is also a lot of choices when it comes to your jumpers. Materials range from cottons in... Read More

Spring Sport Style

There's something about spring that gives us a much-needed energy boost. And fashion brands have taken note providing an athletic edge to their spring/summer 2014 collections. Naturally the catwalk displayed items that were beyond what we'd realistically wear, however it has affected the things you can buy.   The key is finding the right balance between smart and casual making sure that you'll always be comfortable. Wearing something right will make sure you look and feel ace – think a bomber jacket over a nice, clean tee or something simple... Read More

Men’s Big Fashion Trends for 2014: Block Stripes

It’s no surprise that stripes are trending this spring/summer again as they have cemented their place within the modern man’s warm-weather wardrobe. This year’s stripe trend takes a slightly different approach to stripes: they’re bigger, bolder and come in block form. Block stripes were prevalent across all the major fashion weeks, with designers choosing to apply them in a variety of different ways, colours and sizes. Giorgina Waltier, Retail Editor of GQ, stated that stripes are a “menswear staple” and GQ Creative Director Jim Moore added to this by saying:... Read More

Get it Right in Spring

We don’t want to bang on about the weather but this year seems to be the most volatile it’s been for a while! One minute it’s lovely and sunny, the next it’s bouncing it down and blowing a gale! The transitional periods of spring and autumn call for constant wardrobe switch arounds. Morning temperatures struggle to crawl to above four degrees centigrade, which calls for your thick jacket. But this is redundant once you’ve popped out for lunch because the sun has decided to wake up. This kind of weather... Read More

Hawaii Five-O

The Hawaiian shirt has had somewhat of a knock these past couple of years as it was regarded as a novelty item for spring/summer wardrobes. However the steamy, sexy and tropical prints are making a comeback this year in menswear. And we love it!   The eye-catching Hawaiian prints are on T-shirts, shorts, underwear and, of course, shirts. It's a fun trend. And when worn with appropriately understated clothing elsewhere, a printed shirt is a nice way to bring some life to your look.   Check out these Hawaiian offerings... Read More