November 2013

Men’s Guide to Grooming: Preparing for a Big Event

It’s that time of year when our social calenders are chock full of parties and social events. Christmas is the time that we eat, drink, and be merry! Once you’ve spent time thinking about what you’re going to wear (you’re in the right place if you’re still mulling it over), we tend to think it’s job done. But it’s just as important to spend time on your grooming routine in the lead up to the Christmas season. Whatever your event and whatever your grooming expertise, preparation is key. And it... Read More

Thinking Outside the Box: Layering

With winter well and truly here, it's all about layering. Like Marmite, people love it or hate it. Some feel it's restrictive and makes you look like the Michelin man and would much rather put on a big coat. Others enjoy the idea of being able to change their look by adding or removing layers as the weather changes throughout the day.   The basic rules of layering include making sure you layer thin to thick and show an awareness of the textures and fabrics that you're using in the... Read More

Men’s Autumn Trend: Check It Out

Everyone knows that menswear has fully embraced pattern, colour and texture, thanks to the growing confidence and adventurous nature of the modern man who isn't afraid to show off his personal style. There's no need to fret fan of the plain tee! There'll always be a place for block-colours and muted tones in men's fashion, but prints and patterns are fast becoming essential parts of any contemporary wardrobe – with checks being undoubtedly THE pattern of the season. Checks, whether in gingham, plaid, tartan or Prince of Wales check form,... Read More

A Guide to Male Grooming: Shaving

Women seem to think men have it easy when it comes to the grooming department. But we know that going through the same shaving ritual every morning is no simple task.  We've compiled some basic rules so you get a close and smooth shave everytime. 1. Timing is everything You should always shave BEFORE breakfast and AFTER a warm shower. Warm water softens the skin and opens the pores. 2. Quality over quantity Use quality shaving materials. Avoid disposable razors and change the blade at a minimum of once per... Read More


Happy Birthday Billionaire Boys Club

When Pharrell Williams first joined forces with Japanese based fashion name, Nigo to launch Billionaire Boys Club in 2003, Tony Blair was still the PM, Roman Abramovich was about to buy Chelsea and England were on the road to Rugby World Cup glory. Together they created a line consisting of polos, knitwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and accessories is created from quality materials and houses unique designs that have made it a popular brand. The main attraction is that they are produced in highly limited quantities making them highly exclusive fashion pieces... Read More

Things You Should Never See in a Man’s Wardrobe

Today on the blog we take a look at those items of clothing that you should never be seen dead in. From baggy jeans to ironic t-shirts, these should never feature in a man's wardrobe. 10. Short Suits For the past couple of years, designers have been trying to make the shorts suit happen. Thankfully it hasn't caught on. Whilst a smart pair of shorts worn with a shirt is perfectly acceptable for summer office attire, the shorts suit has too much going on on top and kind of reminds... Read More