July 2013

Art on your chest: the finest graphic tees

It’s been bubbling away for a year or so now.  Look around a city boozer this summer; you’ll find better art on the t-shirts of punters than the walls of the pub. From 1990s-inspired slogans to nuanced design work, the graphic tee is having a resurgence. How did we get here? The t-shirt’s design was historically decidedly plain. A staple of farmers in the Great Depression of the 1930s and then war veterans in the 1940s, it was a plain and functional irony-free garment. But in the 1950s, companies in... Read More

A sartorial conundrum: the short suit.

It’s wedding season. This can be difficult, even for the discerning dresser. The wedding suit has undergone a shift over the past decade or so. As this generation increasingly organises, pays for and as a result has greater control over fashions on their big day, traditional morning suits have become rarer. While the slow fading out of top hats and tails may be a godsend to those of us who don’t fancy looking like an extra in a Richard Curtis film, it does present itself with a problem: what do... Read More

Why the Polo shirt will never die

Andy Murray put the nation out of its misery last Sunday and became the first Brit (yep, we’re still going with ‘Brit’) to win Wimbledon in 77 years. But one man may have been turning in his grave: Fred Perry, the last champion from the country, and until 2009 the name emblazoned across Murray’s shirts, had, in one sweaty afternoon been consigned to sporting and sartorial history. Murray has been heaving across court in Adidas whites for the past four years. His win on Sunday will be the picture served... Read More

VIDEO: Money high summer 2013 collection

Summer is here – no seriously, look outside and you’ll see a bright yellow ball in the sky. That, my friend, is the Sun. You can also tell when Summer is here because many brands bring out a “High Summer” collection and this is exactly what Money has done. Here is a short video showcasing the Money High Summer collection in collaboration with iconic air brush artist Philip Castle.

How to dress for the heat wave

It’s hot here in the UK. Dazzlingly, gloriously, hot. This is, of course, a ‘Good Thing’: Daytime drinking on weekdays becomes acceptable, pallid faces brown a little. Girls wear skirts.  How about the lads though? How do we dress in this weather? Last season’s stonewashed Levi’s and boots are out, as is the Barbour, as is the chunky knit. Instead, it’s time to embrace two things: closer fits and brighter colours. Let’s start with the colours. Bright colours and pastels look acceptable – great, even – in the sun. They... Read More

Creative Recreation Autumn 2013 exclusie video

if footwear is your thing – and let’s face it, if you’re on this site then there’s a pretty good chance that you know a thing or 2 about decent shoes – then you’ll know that Creative Recreation make some of the sickest footwear around. Whilst it still feels like Summer has only just arrived, fashion houses around the world are already shipping out their product for next season… and it won’t be long before we see it hit the shelves. Likewise, brands are also focusing on their ad campaigns... Read More