December 2012

VIDEO: TIme of Rio

Q: Is the rain ever going to stop…..? A: …not anytime soon :o(   It’s grim isn’t it – but fear not because we have found a cheery little video that will put some warrmth into your soul. Check out that fab little video about one of the coolest cities on the planet. Rio de Janeiro Time of Rio from MOOV on Vimeo.

Leather for Summer?

  While leather is always considered to be a staple for the winter season, the new collection of lightweight leather has made it quite convenient to trot around in leather throughout the year. If you have been paying close attention to the bygone Fashion Weeks of last year, you might have noticed how major designer houses from Gucci to Emporio Armani had launched their own collection of lightweight leather. So, go ahead and indulge in a great leather jacket or leather pants that you can easily wear all year round.... Read More

The Brother2Brother Winter sale is now on

As is customary at this time of year – Brother2Brother is opening up it’s doors to all of you bargain hunters. We have some proper treats in store for you this year with many items reduced by as much as 50% – no seriously. So whether you are a big Ralph Lauren fan or if you prefer the designs of Money or Barbour, this is the place for you. <<<<< Click on the brands on the left find a bargain! Here are just a few examples of what we have... Read More

Stone Island, 30th Anniversary Reflective Knit.

Stone Island are famous for their innovotive use of fabric in ther clothing and their recent reflective, 30th anniversary knit is no exception. Hooded cardigan in reflective yarn, constructed by flat micro tapes coated with thousands of glass microspheres caged in a polyester mesh, printed using a sublimation pressure/heat technique to mix the fibres and to obtain a homogeneous surface. Detachable quilted jersey hooded lining laminated to a high-performance Windstopper membrane. Pinstripes at wrists. Zipper fastening on nylon tape edging. They also make awesome videos to show off their kit... Read More

Make way for meggings

 How times change, from pantaloons, to baggy pants, to now meggings!Meggings? These are no outlandish pieces of clothing, meggings are leggings but for men. Now, how many of the Alpha males are ready to embark upon this new fashion hit or miss, is yet to be established but for now here’s taking a look at the reception so far. While Conan O’Brien, Russel Band, and Justine Bieber have already tried on this new trend, television personality Anderson Cooper vouches he’ll never be caught in one of these. With mixed reviews,... Read More

3 Best Dressed Men of 2012

  With the year drawing to an end, here’s taking a look at some of the men who did make a mark. Suavity minus trench coat and boots, Benedit Cumberbatch looks crisp in a well-tailored suit. Not that he didn’t turn heads with his Sherlock-esque style but there’s something about a suit that women just can't resist. It’s no surprise that the Bond star features on our list. In knit and trousers, Daniel Craig upps the ante on semi-formal wear.    Wear leather jacket to MTV EMA and look hot,... Read More

Will Ferrell: the male model?

  The funny man with unrealistic dreams comes to terms with his real side at the shoot for Port magazine. Will Ferrell’s interview will be published along with a picture of him gracing the cover page. Portraying to be a misogynistic idiot and an in-your-face comedian, Ferrell has rather shown a part of him that belonged way back to the SNL times. The talented funnyman has definitely come a long way from being the at-edge person with awkwardness radiating from his every shot. The shoot was conducted at Ferrell’s LA... Read More

Embrace Stone Island

  From Bomber to Field jackets, it’s time to beat the chill in a very military-esque style. Stone Island’s latest collection borders on bringing out the battle rough appeal of your casual wear by adding a touch of nylon and waxed leather.   Try the field jacket that comes replete with a polyester layer underneath that has gone serious heat induced compression to add to the tenacity, and is perfect for times when the weather is less forgiving.    The bomber jacket in quilted nylon is another great buy, made... Read More

Diesel: The magic of Christmas, episode 1

T’was the night before Christmas and all was a-­?glow, a sleigh load of dreams lay in wait down below. The children were nestled all peaceful in bed, while visions of fairy dust danced in their head etc etc, bla bla bla…… This is the first part of a festive trilogy to warm your hearts. Watch in wonder as our joyous children experience the true magic of Christmas through the greatest gifts of all. Oh come let us adore them…

Minimalism or Vibrant?

  Winter is mostly about drab colors. Would you prefer to step out in loud vivacious colors or follow the minimalism 90’s trend that has come back with a vengeance? Going back to the basic, minimalism basically aims to bring out the person’s basic identity without making it overbearing with non-essentials. Go for monochrome outfits and very little contrast. Or if you want to brighten things up, try vivid colors like tangerine, red, aubergine and green.