November 2012

DIESEL – Hipster GPS artist creates dog

There very little that we don’t love about Diesel – and that includes their bonkers ad campaigns….. So here’s what they have to say about the YUK shoe: Way back in 1993 Diesel launched the Yuk-shoe with great success. It was an instant classic and became our best selling shoe of all time. The Yuk shoe has developed over the years into all the Diesel footwear you know and love today. But, we thought it was time to get back to our roots and relaunch the YUK-shoe exactly like it... Read More

From Mr. President to Mr. Facebook, everyone loves hoodies!

If it were to me, I’d probably declare hoodie to be the national fashion statement of the world, if at all there is such a thing! Apart from keeping you snug and warm, these look awesome on everyone! It the temperature is somewhere bearable, slip on a full-zipped hoodie so that you can later pull the chains down if it’s get warm. For the upcoming festive season, try a funkier hoodie that brings out the player in you. These hoodies by Armani would be a great choice if you want... Read More

The Dreaded Christmas Jumper

Be afraid, be very afraid – with Christmas just around the corner, it it likely that across the country men will be handling soft, neatly wrapped parcels that carry the message: "With love from Nan" or "To my darling Husband" and even "From Mum n Dad. We all know that lurking beneath the bows, shiny paper and ribbons lies something that ought to remain within the confines of a Worthers Original advert – yes, the dreaded Christmas jumper. Exactly what goes through the minds of these benevolent gift bearers when... Read More

3 Fashionable ways to tie your scarf this Winter

Scarves are you to-go piece of clothing in winters. Learn how to tie a scarf in a trendier way whenever you want to step out in style. The Parisian Knot Take a regular rectangular scarf, and fold it into half. Place it on the back of your neck such that you have the loose ends on one hand and the loop on the other, now pull the loose ends of the scarf through the loop and adjust it more towards the centre. Fake Snood      This is one of the... Read More

Time to invest in a Trophy Jumper

  Jumpers are big this season, and with the temperature finally dropping to new lows, you need to stock up on a trophy jumper if you want to step out in style. These jumpers need to stand out in a crowd, whether it is the modified waistline, oriental prints or with an attached infinity scarf.    With A-listers and celebrities already giving this trend the thumbs up, it’s time you invest in one too. Style them up with newsboy hats and casual denims, or go semi-formal and couple your trophy... Read More

Robert rocks the look

Never thought we’d say this but Robert Pattinson truly vowed the critics and fashion police alike when he stepped out for the premier of the last part of the Twilight saga. Keeping the lameness of the movie aside, from the fashion point of view, the green suit that Pattinson wore to the movie was such a refreshing change. And an extra brownie point for carrying it off so well, despite the tiny frame, and almost non-existent muscle on his body. Although he could have given those pointed shoes a miss,... Read More

Man clutch? Seriously?

When you traded your laptop for a tablet, you automatically switched to a smaller case, but to go out with a man clutch in public; are today’s men ready to bring back this long-forgotten trend? Most designer houses like YSL, Bottega Vaneta and Dior are trying to revive the trend by offering a more masculine version of the infamous women clutch.   While there are a few in genuine leather and camouflage prints that you would not mind stepping out in, others in beige and yellow are a bit too... Read More

Money Gold & Diamonds collection

Money Gold & Diamonds collection – it’s everything that you would expect from such an awesome brand… and just a little bit more. Check out the gold plated badges – we’re loving that detail :o)          Well be sure to have these instock very soon. In the mean time you can check out our onlne Money collection HERE    

Best and Worst Dressed at MTV EMAs 2012

MTV European Music Awards was a spoiler for me (Justin Bieber won an award, what else do you expect), but here are some of the best and worst dressed red carpet looks spotted at the event. Ludacris gets the semi-formal look bang on target The Jabs boys look vivacious without seeming overbearing    Brandon Flowers of The Killers might have had a little glitch while performing on the stage, but he looked downright suave and sexy with that leather jacket thrown in for good benefits.      Dima Bilan looks every... Read More

Baker: the new face of Givenchy?

Remember Simon Baker who played Christian Thompson in the flick The Devil Wears Prada? Not only was the movie one of the most iconic in terms of being a fashion based movie, but had also added to the women fan following of Simon Baker. Consequently, the suave actor has been named as the new face of Givenchy by Women’s Wear Daily, and is slated to start campaigning for an upcoming men’s cologne by the brand. With that dirty blonde hair and almost-there smile, let’s see if the actor lives up... Read More